Jewelry Care

10 Ways to take Care of Your Jewellery

You can feel stylish, beautiful and confident by just wearing a piece of jewellery. They are the best finishing touch to complete any Indian or Western look.
But the main problem is that these delicate pieces usually have a certain lifespan. They require proper care and maintenance to stay remarkable and spotless.
So we are bringing you some easy ways in which you can take care of your jewellery.

Tips to take care of your Jewellery:

  1. Always use a Jewellery Box: Don’t just keep them anywhere. When you are not wearing a piece of jewellery, it is best to keep it in a closed velvet box away from any sunlight or air.
  1. Store your Jewellery with Chalk or Silica: If you put chalk or a bag of silica inside your jewellery box, it will absorb all the moisture. It would help if you kept changing the silica bags every couple of months to get the most effective results.
  1. Avoid exposure to Perfumes and Lotions: Susceptibility to chemicals can damage or discolour expensive metals such as gold, silver and platinum and may harm some coloured gems. You must cover your jewellery when applying perfume, lotions or any of these items. These usually contain harsh chemicals which, when combined with your jewellery, can tarnish them.
  1. Don’t Keep your Jewellery in the Sunlight: The chances of the colours fading from your gemstones are very high if they are regularly exposed to sunlight. Pearls, Kunzite and other delicate substances, such as ivory, will discolour easily under severe exposure to light.
  1. A Quick Wipe: You can clean your Jewellery gently with some water or with some soft cloth. Try to make sure that your jewellery is completely dry before putting them back in the Jewellery box. If required, you can also use a Jewellery polishing cloth.
  1. Keep On Rotating Your Jewellery: Don’t just keep on wearing the same chunk of jewellery every day. If you keep wearing it, the chances of that particular piece of jewellery getting ruined are very high. So keep on altering all your jewellery regularly.


  1. Store Different Kinds of Jewellery Separately: When different types of Jewellery and materials are stored together, they often get scratched, tarnished or knotted. Try to keep them in bags or in the boxes that they came in.


  1. Put On Jewellery in the last:  Put your jewellery on once you are completely dressed. It will ensure that your jewellery doesn’t tangle up. Even a tiny accidental pull of your necklace can cause a chain to break.
  1. Do Not use Toothpaste or Baking Sodas: Without knowing, don’t use any harsh chemicals, toothpaste or sodas to clean your jewellery. These kinds of home remedies are too harmful and will damage your jewellery in the long run.
  1. Use a Jewellery Case while Travelling: Your jewellery is most in danger when you travel. Be sure to properly maintain it in a high-quality case or a separate jewellery box.

We hope that you can take care of your jewellery better and retain it for the future by following these simple rules.