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Perfumes play an important role in human social circles, sometimes in more ways than many people realize. Indeed, scents and fragrances influence to a large extent the perceptions we have of our own selves, those around us, the environment and everyday objects. The knowledge of how perfumes and fragrances are classified is therefore important for a variety of application areas but especially in the beauty industry.

By the early 1900s, a traditional classification system for perfumes had already emerged. The dominant classes then were mainly single floral scent varieties and floral bouquets combining a number of flowers. Ambery scents combined vanilla with a range of animal scents. Woody scents were also common, mainly drawn from such fragrant plants like sandalwood and pine.

Chypre (a French word meaning cypress and pronounced as ‘sheep-ra’) is a family of perfumes made from a collection of elements like labdanum, patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot. This group of fragrances emerged from an original formulation made by the renowned French perfumist, Francois Coty. Another fragrance family that emerged in early 20th century is the Fougere (pronounced foozh-air) that comprise many of men’s perfumes.

In the mid 20th century, advances in technology led to the creation of a variety of new fragrances. These newer scents still have plenty in common with the older perfumes though. One of the modern perfume classes is the bright floral which combines traditional single floral with the floral bouquet variety. Green perfumes are a much more modern variety of the traditional Chypre perfumes.

The oceanic or ozone class of perfumes first made an appearance in the early nineties. It is in actual fact the most modern class of perfumes. It is very clean and modern smelling and is the foundation of the modern brand of androgynous perfume varieties.

The citrus or fruity class of perfumes is an old variety with a modern twist. Due to its low tenacity, it has up until very recently been confined to use for freshening purposes. The development of newer citric smelling varieties has however led to the development of more long lasting fruity varieties.

A good understanding of perfume families is important for beauty product dealers and consumers alike. There are both traditional and more modern varieties of perfumes as illustrated above. Whether looking for one bottle or wholesale perfume quantities, making the right choice is no less important. The choices are also just as important whether looking for men’s or women’s fragrances.

how to clean jewelry gold and diamonds

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