how to select the perfect engagement ring
Time is nearing your engagement, have you selected your ring yet? Every one knows selecting an affordable diamond engagement ring is really challenging task however if you follow some helpful information shared here, you will be amazed to see how simple it is to buy diamond rings suiting your budget. One of the most common f aux pas committed buy couples is budgeting, well it is always advisable to keep approximate budget for the ring expense before you land up in a jewelry shop and end up in disappointment of not able to buy the ring you wish to have. Always remember that you can surely have beautiful diamond rings, beating any expensive one, well with in your budget so all you have to do is to keep following.

Once you have decided on the budget the second most important thing comes, getting to know your Diamond. It helps you to decide which category diamond will fall into your budget range, it gives you power to confidently ask the jeweler about your diamond type, another advantage of knowing grade category of your choice of diamond rings is that you can easily buy it online, it saves your time, and you can satisfactorily purchase affordable diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are categorized by four important characteristics namely Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color. Color plays important role where by choosing smartly you can actually buy bigger diamond for lesser price.

Diamond grading starts form D to Z, D symbolizes for the purest quality while E, F, G, H to Z reflects successively lower grading, however after J grade diamond begins to shed yellow shadow so the best bargain is to buy diamond ranging from D to J grade. One interesting thing to know is that a D grade diamond and H grade diamond will give same impression to any Naive user, it requires careful examination and sometimes experts get carried away with the sparkles while judging the quality and clarity so there is no point paying more when you can get same glaze and daze in cheap diamonds, therefore you can peacefully opt for lower grade diamond within your reach.

The best thing is that there are countless designs available in cheaper diamond so don’t wait too long just decide which grade will match your pocket and select affordable Diamond Engagement Rings. Another major factor is metal of the band, you can opt for platinum if you can afford it however you can also go for gold and opt for different karat weights in gold like 18k, 14k or 10k

You can choose from various cuts and designs say single i.e. solitaires, two budding diamond rings or set of three or clusters etc. Nothing beats beauty of pure white scintillating diamonds, if you like to gift her a real sparkling solitaire then choose a lower grade colorless diamond, this gives a gigantic look. Cluster of small diamonds also gives twinkling single diamond looks hence you can go for these, you can also go for loose diamonds then use metal band of your choice, however for this you need to know diamonds really well or should buy it from trusted shop only.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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