how to select the perfect engagement ring
For many people, antique engagement rings are a viable option to common modern engagement rings.  It can often be hard to find just the right type that suits your taste.  However, more and more people these days are looking to buy these types of rings.  They are indeed a classic choice over the contemporary rings of today.  This article will attempt to tell you how to choose an antique engagement ring.

Before actually selecting an antique engagement ring it is imperative that you know more about them.  These rings can be made of an assortment of precious materials such as gold, platinum, diamonds, silver and other very expensive substances that never really go out of style.  They are very often handcrafted one-of-a-kind rings that show off their aesthetic craftsmanship as well as aged gemstones.  They are an exclusive choice to the many types of typical innovations that are available today.  They are also considered to be a good investment, as they will appreciate in value over time.

From the years 1900 to 1920 Edwardian antique engagement rings was a most popular time period for jewelry.  The oxyacetylene torch came into being during this time and was used to create intricate and complex designs upon metallic pieces.  The overwhelming choice of that time period was platinum and you could often see it set with sapphires or rose cut diamonds.  The antiquity of the rings entails an emotional appreciation.  Many people also believe that queens wore these rings during very ancient and historical times.  This makes them very special and unparalleled to any other rings.

Whenever you make the decision to buy such a ring it would be a good idea to find a reputable seller that specializes in this particular kind of jewelry.  You will occasionally run into a problem with not knowing whether a piece of antique jewelry is an original item or a refashioned one.  Bear in mind that if you see a ring that has different colors of gold that this could indicate that some kind of change has taken place.  Make sure that you get all of your questions answered when you go to purchase.  It would be very appropriate to ask the dealer if there have been any repairs or alterations have been made.  You will also want to find out if the precious stones or gems are the original ones.

When you finally begin your search, you may be bombarded with a lot of confusing and technical terms such as vintage wedding rings, estate jewelries, wedding bands, etc.  Make sure that you ask all of your questions and get clarification as to just what it is that you are pondering.  Lastly, you must make certain that you are able to match it with wedding ring.

You can see, then, that it is necessary to do your research and to know as much as you can about the subject before you actually buy one.  Although may people still seem to take the traditional route, the popularity of antique engagement rings is on the rise.  It can be absolutely one of the most beautiful rings that you will select.  It can make your engagement a unique, wonderful and memorable one.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

Source by Andrea Taylor

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