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Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that is colored by a blue hue that sparkles and shimmers each time the sunlight hits it. This particular stone happens to be the birthstone of the month of March. Giving an aquamarine engagement ring is highly appropriate if the lucky lady you are proposing to has a birthday during this month.

Did you know that the term aquamarine means "water of the sea"? This name came about during the early 18th century or at the time the Georgian era was just beginning. This type of gemstone comes from the beryl mineral collection, which also includes emeralds. Not only do they come in blue but also a variety of shades and dark bluish greens.

Aquamarine is known for having spectacular stone clarity and can often be found in big sizes, which makes them the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Surprisingly, this stone is found in a variety of places both abroad and here in the USA. Miners search for aquamarine in Brazil, Africa, Asia, and in the Colorado Rockies. Actually, the gemstone is the state stone of Colorado.

You should mistake aquamarine for blue topaz as they closely resemble one another and the latter is far more expensive due to its rarity and natural shading. Topaz is not a rare gem and gets it color by man made method such as being treated with radiation.

There are many legends and stories that surround aquamarine and one of them states that the gem brings about mental clarity and good health. Other legends suggest that whoever wear the gem will be protected against those who wish to bring them harm. Warriors of days gone by would wear the gem during battle. Giving this gem as an engagement ring symbols your willingness to protect your mate.

At one time, aquamarine was referred to as the "Sailor's Stone," because sailors of ancient eras believed that the gem would provide a protective shield around them during sea storms and other tragedies that might occur while sailing. During WWII, the US Navy named a coastal patrol ship the USS Aquamarine in honor of the gemstone.

Did you know there were numerous royals who enjoyed sporting jewelry made with this beautiful gemstone? For instance, Queen Elizabeth II was given and aquamarine necklace and earrings set from the Brazilian Government during her induction in 1953. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed the jewels so much that she had other pieces made to add to her collection of royal gems, including a tiara.

There are many ways to wear this type of gemstone and aquamarine typically looks great with just about anything, especially when paired with neutral tones. However, if given to the wearer as an engagement ring, she will be sporting it all the time so make sure she is a fan of wearing colors like black, white, navy blue, or tan.

On the hardness scale, this type of tone has a score of 7.5-8, which signifies that the gem is strong enough to be worn as jewelry but being exposed to consistent roughness can result in scratching. It is best that if the wearer works a tough hand son job, the ring should be removed. Try to avoid exposing the jewelry to extreme heat, however, normal exposure to sunlight is perfectly fine.

Aquamarine rings and other jewelry like it can easily be cleaned with basic soap and water. You truly do not need and fancy jeweler cleaner of harsh chemicals. Take care of this gorgeous gemstone just like you would any other fine piece of jeweler and it will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

perfect engagement ring

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