how to select the perfect engagement ring
You may not have known that Bailey Banks and Biddle is owned by the same corporation as the one that owns Zales. Bailey Banks and Biddle was designed to try and attract a more a high-end consumer. You’ll notice when you walk into Bailey Banks and Biddle that the store setup is more luxurious than Zales, the prices of the jewelry is higher, and the salesman even seem to be better dressed and more inclined to kiss your butt. And who doesn’t like a little butt kissing when you’re forking over a wad of cash. Even the name Bailey Banks and Biddle seem to conjure a more sophisticated feeling vs. Zales. In addition, Baileys also offers a wider engagement ring choice than Zales as well as exclusive jewelry lines.

Finding a jewelry designer that you like shouldn’t be too difficult at BB and B. If you like designers such as Tacori, Ritani, and Scott Kay than you are in good hands. A look on the BB and B website shows: Ritani’s endless love collection which features pave and platinum bands and settings with an antique feel. The Ritani perfect match collection exhibits a number of platinum, three stone rings. Check out the Scott Kay rings which are more simple in nature with rings set in platinum and yellow gold. Mens wedding bands are available in somewhat more ornate designs and feature metals like palladium. The Tacori rings are a combo platter of contemporary and vintage designs set in platinum.

Bailey’s also has their own line called Bailey’s treasures. The rings are set in platinum, multi-tone and palladium with many princess cut diamonds. There are a few yellow diamond rings as well at a higher premium. Also, BB and B has many semi-mounts to choose from where you select a ring style and have your own loose diamond mounted into the ring that you pick. In addition, Bailey’s offers many wedding band options with eternity bands and multi-stones. In case your gal doesn’t want a traditional diamond engagement, Bailey’s has a noteworthy ring collection with large, high end stones that would make for a good diamond alternative such as onxy, quartz, topaz, amethyst, peridot, pearl, cintrine, garnet, aquamarine, opal ruby, tourmaline morganite and sapphire.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a Bailey Banks and Biddle. Bailey Banks and Biddle has well over 100 locations in more than 30 states. BB and B stores have been around for what seem like forever with their flaship store appearing over a century ago. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to shop at BB and B. Most rings at Bailey’s fall between $3,000-$12,000. However, some rings cost less while others go as high as a cool 50 g.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

Source by Julie Shields

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