how to clean jewelry gold and diamonds
Some believe that the Navel Ring trend is history repeating itself. The truth is, they are considered to be a modern trend. The jewelry is believed to have been made popular by the Pop Couture artists in the 1990’s. Times have changed, as back in the 1950’s a woman showing too much skin would have been considered unacceptable by society.

After the rise of Bikini Fashions, Navel Rings also made an entrance into the Fashion World. When women started to wear bikini’s and this became publicly acceptable, the area around a women’s Navel began to be more noticeable. Shortly afterwards, the need to accessorize the stomach area popularized.

Navel Accessories are considered to be sexy by some and sleazy by others. Where some are completely comfortable showing skin and accessorizing this area, others still feel that this trend just isn’t modest. Navel Jewelry comes in all different shapes, styles, sizes, and themes. Many online stores offer a variety of this type of jewelry for women.

After receiving a Belly Ring Piercing the after-care is extremely important. Keeping the area clean by washing with antibacterial soap & soaking it with Saline Solution are the key to preventing infection. The healing process if different from person to person but can take months.

Different styles of Navel rings can include: Patriotic, Playboy, Diamond, 14 Carat Gold, White Gold, Happy Bunny, hello Kitty, and more. YouTube offers educational videos showing how the body piercing is done.

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how to clean jewelry gold and diamonds

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