Best Places for Shopping in Jaipur – 2021

Jaipur is the city with rich cultural heritage and a royal inheritance. And this heritage of the pink city is reflected in its textile, jewellery, handicraft, and other related industries heavily, and for all the right reasons. The royal design language and excellent craftsmanship inherited by Jaipur’s artisans make it one of the most preferable shopping sites in all of India.


If you are visiting Jaipur and want to get some shopping done, you should decide beforehand the places you are going to visit, since Jaipur is a massive city with an abundance of markets. The number of markets, shops, and jewellers in Jaipur is enough to make an outsider go crazy. However, there is no need to panic, because below we have curated a list of the top shopping markets and jewellers in Jaipur that will be enough for you to buy the best of what the pink city has to offer. We have also mentioned two of the best jewellers in Vaishali Nagar and Tonk Road. These two jewellery shops have everything you will ever need for a successful Jaipur jewellery shopping spree.


1. Johri Bazaar

If there’s one thing that Jaipur does better than any other Indian city, it’s jewellery. And if there’s one market that offers the best of Jaipuria jewellery, it’s the Johri Bazaar. The word “Johri” literally means “Jewellery maker” in English. Therefore it is no surprise that the market named “Johri Bazaar” will be your best option to buy jewellery.


Here at Johri Bazaar, you can find endless shops dealing in all kinds of jewellery, be it gold, silver, diamond, or any other precious metal or precious or semi-precious stone. The craftsmanship of the jewellers here is among the best of all jewellers in Jaipur. You can also find some of the finest Jaipur sarees in this market and the famous Jaipur quilt (Jaipur Razai), famous for being as thin and light as a blanket but at the same time as warm as a quilt. The Johri market is also renowned for having shops that deal in wholesale silver and gold jewellery.


2. Tripolia Bazaar

If you are looking to buy jewelry and do not wish to search a whole market for it, this is where you head to. There are many big Jewellers in Jaipur that are known for their craft all over the world but this local market is a completely different story. You name it, traditional or modern, this market has it all. The intricately designed lac is what this local market famous for. The affordability of the products is what makes it an even big deal. Located in Kanwar Nagar, the market is open from 10 am to 11 pm with Sunday closed. In case you’re into Luxury Jewellery, You can also check out Jewellers in Vaishali Nagar, that’s also where our store is located.


3. Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is another incredibly famous marketplace in Jaipur known for its leather items, mainly Majori (Footwear made from camel leather). Bapu bazaar also has countless shops selling traditional Jaipuri sarees, lehngas, woolens, shawls, etc. Here, you can also find shops flooded with beautiful traditional decorations, perfumes, and crafted work. But the one thing you should absolutely consider buying if you are going to visit Bapu Bazaar is the Lac Bangles. Bapu Bazaar is known for its intricate Lac Bangles that any Indian woman simply cannot resist buying.


However, even if you are not looking to buy anything, you should still consider visiting Bapu Bazaar if you are going to travel to Jaipur, simply because of the vibrant atmosphere and red sandstone shops that provide an experience like no other.


4. Gaurav Tower (GT)

If you are done with your traditional Jaipur shopping, or are simply not looking to do so (which I strongly advise against), and want to buy something from branded stores, then there is no better place you can visit other than Gaurav Tower. You can find shops and showrooms of almost all of the brands, Levi’s, Adidas, Reliance, etc. You can get almost anything you are looking to buy in GT, be it clothes, electronics, or even cars!


One of the most significant advantages of shopping in GT is that there is no shortage of food stalls and restaurants. You can get anything you want, from mouth-watering pav bhaji at a stall to your good old Burger King. Also, the best shopping mall in all of Rajasthan, the World Trade Park (WTP), is just beside GT, where you can find stores of high-end fashion brands like Zara and Forever-21. One of the most popular Sweetshops, which goes by the name of “KANHA” Is located right opposite to GT. The Tower’s most significant advantage is its location, as it is present in Malviya Nagar, one of the poshest neighborhoods in Jaipur, with all the high-end shops, hospitals, cafes, hotels, and clubs current within minutes’ reach.

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