how to select the perfect engagement ring
If you’re buying something inexpensive but giving it to her when she least expects it, she will definitely be surprised and will love you even more. Take the example of engagement rings. You can either buy a white diamond engagement ring for her opt for blue diamond rings. They both look equally beautiful and if you propose to her at the right time with this ring, you will likely be able to get a positive response. Do you want to know what the best way to propose her is? If yes, then follow the simple step-by-step procedure of proposing to the women of your choice and that too with the rarest and the most beautiful blue diamond rings.

Before the proposal

You need to be very careful before the proposal. First things first, select the date, time and place when you will be proposing here. Remember, this is going to a very important event in your life. Therefore, don’t leave any stones unturned to make it a special one. Always make sure that things are decided in advice. If not, you will likely be making a number of mistakes, because of which the whole event will take the opposite turn. Don’t just make irrational plans. If you wish to propose her next Sunday, make sure that she is free next Sunday and wants to spend some time with you. If you fail to honor this, you would likely be alone with your Champaign glass and there will be no one else who will be able to provide you company. Therefore, tell her in advance that you wish to spend some time with her and get going. Specify the time as well. If you are taking her out on a fancy date, tell her that and let her get all dressed up for that occasion. If you are a gamer couple and looking for a gaming date, tell her that too. No matter what the occasion, just let her know in advice so that there are no last moment disappoints for you.

Now, you need to select your own wardrobe. Hey, wait! Don’t feel like we are asking for a lot. You will be proposing to the woman of your dreams. So make sure that you are trying to do as much as possible to make sure that you look good to. By good, we mean dressing appropriately for an occasion. Don’t overdress, just be comfortable and look good. Don’t forget a good quality perfume as well. After all this is done, comes the most difficult part. You now have to buy blue diamond rings for your lady. While buying these rings, the biggest consideration would be the money. As the blue diamonds are extremely rare, the natural blue diamond rings are very expensive. Plus, the larger the stone, the better the cut and the higher the price. Try to find something reasonably priced unless you are not too keen on the budget.

However, if you are really on a budget that you can opt for the synthetic diamond rings. These rings are produced by infusing the usual diamonds with color. They also have a very deep and rich hue. However, they are not as expensive as the real natural blue diamond rings. You can chose them if you cannot really pay for the expensive rings but love the look of the blue diamond. The styles and design options are many in either of the categories.

During the proposal

Just be like you usually are. You can try to make her feel extra special. Lose the game, walk holding her hand and kiss her on her cheeks. Yeah, just a small peck. Steal it every single time that you can and you will definitely have a great time together. When you find the right time, go down on your knees, bring one of the best of blue diamond rings out of your pocket and propose her. She will be startled, surprised, happy, excited and so much more. There will be a surge of emotions. Let her take her time. She will say yes!

After the proposal

You don’t need to do anything much but thank her for being so caring and loving. Just one line that appreciates the way that she has changed your life. She may only respond with a smile but that will definitely be the most precious smile in the world. So make sure that you are making enough efforts to find the right blue diamond rings for her. You will only be receiving a lot of love in return.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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