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Butterfly engagement rings have been growing in popularity in recent years. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth in the sense of being “born again”, as the caterpillar goes into and then, eventually, emerges from the cocoon with the power of flight. Couples who get engaged may love the romantic symbolism associated with this image as they emerge from their “cocoons” of their single lives and seek to create a new life together, one in which two halves make two wholes. But the butterfly, like marriage, is as fragile as it is beautiful, and is constantly making unexpected dips and swirls.

Butterfly engagement rings come in many different styles:

A single, focal-point butterfly made of a precious metal in the center of the ring’s band. If the butterfly is quite big, it might include a split shank to give it better proportion and balance.

Small butterflies which are accents in art deco or flower engagement rings.

A pair of small butterflies sitting on the ring’s crown and surrounding a precious gemstone.

Subtle butterfly motifs in between the stones of the ring band.

Stylized butterflies set into the sides of the engagement ring’s mounting–this may take in the prongs of the ring.

Multi-tone butterflies crafted from multiple metals for subtle color gradations. Rose gold mixed with contrasting metals is the most popular form of this style.

Paired butterflies which come together to make the focal point of a bypass ring design.

Butterflies having their wings or their bodies encrusted with pave set diamonds.

Three or four butterflies which actually are the ring’s prongs, holding up a central gemstone.

“Disembodied” butterfly wings which are slightly flattened or raised against the ring’s band.

Butterflies inlaid or engraved into the ring’s band.

Filigree butterflies, sometimes with gems incorporated into their design.

Butterfly wings and bodies which are crafted from gemstones or made from fine wire that is wrapped around gemstones.

Butterflies with heart-shaped wings: these wings might be made from naturally “heart shaped” stones like rose quartz, or metal; or they may actually be marquise or pear shapes.

Despite all of these many possibilities and their surge in popularity, butterfly engagement rings are not always the easiest to find. This is simply because they are non-traditional engagement rings. Most of the time you’ll only be able to find limited choices in butterfly engagement rings if you visit jewelry stores, so it’s best to look for them online first.

These rings’ prices are quite varied, as you may imagine. The type and amount of the materials used and the intricacy of the work involved will all factor into their prices. Simpler designs with fewer or more common gemstones and less gold will be less expensive. But with so many to choose from, and with their mainly being found online, you can find some butterfly engagement rings to choose from that fit your budget.

perfect engagement ring

Source by Julie Shields

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