how to select the perfect engagement ring
Buying an engagement ring can be one of the most exciting yet overwhelming tasks any man can be faced with. Yes you’re ready to propose, commit your love and get down on one knee but are you ready to hit the shops, plough through the options available and find the perfect engagement ring that will leave her jaw on the floor and naturally demand an immediate yes?

Jewellery shopping is never easy but when it comes to something as important as an engagement ring, there are so many fine details to consider and steps to take that it can all understandably be a bit much. You don’t have to be a diamond buff to know enough to make the process go smoothly, just a few basics and shopping won’t be as difficult as it seems.

Whether you have a little bit of an idea or consider yourself clueless, the below points should give you an idea into the basics of engagement ring shopping. Read them and give yourself a fighting chance when it’s time to hit the jewellers…

  • Budget- Getting into debt is not an option, so keep in mind that you are not bound by law to spend ridiculous sums on her ring. Spend only what you can afford to and what you are comfortable parting with, that ring is going to sit on her finger forever so the last thing you’ll want is a permanent reminder of the big hole you’ve left in your bank balance! Decide on a comfortable budget before you start shopping around in order to ensure things don’t get out of hand.
  • Know What She Wants- You don’t need to know the exact details but even an inkling of what she would prefer or what would look good on her is a great place to begin.
  • Know the Basics- You don’t need to be a diamond enthusiast but if you’re about to part with a huge sum of money for a sparkler it is best to have a good idea in order to ensure that you make the right decision. The four C’s are the best place to begin. The first is cut which will determine the shape and the brilliance of the diamond, the second is colour, the third is clarity which refers to the quality and uniqueness of your diamond and the fourth is carat which refers to the weight and size of the diamond you choose. Don’t get too heavily bogged down by these but having that knowledge there will always be a big help.
  • Jewellers- Who you purchase a ring from will make all the difference. Consider the reputation of the store in question, what is their level of knowledge? Will the diamond engagement ring come with a certificate and will you be provided with a detailed receipt for insurance purposes and what, if any, guarantees are in place? The place you purchase from is crucial so ask all the right questions and get as much information as possible before you make any decisions.

Arm yourself with all the right knowledge to ensure that when it’s time to buy the right engagement ring, nothing will go wrong!

how to select the perfect engagement ring

Source by Juliet Ferrara

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