how to select the perfect engagement ring
Just take a look at some common mistakes that people make when they purchase engagement rings.

The first and most obvious mistake is fitting the ring on the wrong finger when determining its size. Do you intend to wear the ring on the left or right hand? You should consider this point well in advance. If you visit the jeweler and if you determine the size on the basis of the left ring finger, the engagement or wedding ring you buy may be too small for the right ring finger. Or, conversely, it may be too big.

Nothing can be more embarrassing than investing many hundred dollars only to discover that the size of engagement or wedding rings is abnormally big or small. Of course, you have the option of modifying the size of the ring to make it a perfect fit. However, working on the ring after it has been purchased and after the ceremony is over may lead to damage. It is advisable to consider this factor when you are purchasing engagement or wedding rings. You do not want to regret the entire affair at a later date, right?

Secondly, you should provide adequate time frame for the designer of engagement rings to make one for you if you do not find the right ready made ring. There are many jewelers who make custom ordered engagement rings from scratch provided you place your order in advance. However, they take at least two to three weeks for completing this process.

Trying to speed up the process is possible but you may have to spend quite a lot of money to complete this task. In such a scenario, you should give yourself sufficient time for the engagement rings’ design and manufacture. If you have any doubts about the duration, you should consult and get all the information you want well in advance.

Thirdly, you should store the engagement or wedding rings properly. The last thing you want is to run around all over the house searching for the engagement ring after you have purchased it well in advance. Try to keep all the documentation relating to the engagement rings safely.

If you discover that something is wrong with the ring at a later date, you can easily use the proof of purchase to demand your money back or to demand a replacement. All these options will be null and void if you do not have sufficient documentation in your hand.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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