how to select the perfect engagement ring
Ruby rings make a perfect option for engagements and weddings. They are a favorite among men these days. This is because they are a good alternative to the otherwise popular diamond engagement rings. Most men opt for the ruby rings as they are looking for rings with a unique appearance or they prefer a non traditional piece of jewelry.

You may also opt for the ruby rings if you want to get your woman, a non-traditional engagement ring. However, buying the ruby engagement rings requires some research and a little caution. Here are some tips that you can use while buying the ruby engagement rings.

• The first thing that you have to do is choose a gemstone with an intense color. The rubies to be used in the rings have to have the right shade of red. The color has to be deep and vibrant. You may have to search a little for such rubies; also you have to pay a lot for these rubies as they tend to be of a somewhat higher value than the light colored red rubies.

• While choosing the rubies, you should ask whether they have been artificially treated to improve the colors. Usually, the jewelers use the various coatings and dyes to hide the imperfections in the surface of the rubies and bring out the red shade of the rubies, so that they look even more alluring.

• Also, when you buy the ruby rings, you should ask for the origin place of the rubies used in the rings. This is very important as some times the origin place can add to the cost of the rubies. For an instance, the Burmese rubies are usually the most beautiful and are the most expensive.

• You also have to pay attention to the clarity and cut of the rubies used in the ring. Most often than not it is considerably difficult to find the perfect clarity and cut in the rubies. However, you should make sure that the rubies you choose should be the most asymmetrical and should have as few inclusions as possible.

• Since, the rubies are deep red in color; you should go for a band that is perfectly suitable for the deep red shade. Mostly, people tend to go for white gold or platinum bands, while some of them also prefer buying bands made of yellow gold.

• Make sure that when you buy the ruby rings, you ask the jewelers for an appraisal.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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