perfect engagement ring for me
My best friend, Lisa, got married last week. I was invited to witness her happiness. During the ceremony, however, I have noticed something special and romantic.

During the most exciting moment of exchanging rings, a gentleman in a classical red uniform appeared. Lisa later told me that this gentleman was called Cartier Boy and the red box he presented with their rings inside symbolized love and happiness.

All of these romantic services were provided by Cartier. After the wedding, not only Lisa but also many guests, including me of course, showed great interests in the red box. We listened to Lisa carefully while dreaming about our own red box.

Before the wedding, I only knew that Cartier rings had enjoyed a long history and good reputation all the years along, which was titled Jewelry of the Emperors and the Emperor of Jewelries. As early as 1895, Cartier applied platinum to diamonds inlaid revolutionary. The perfect combination of platinum and diamond had set the standard of wedding rings for the following centuries.

However, Lisa said that things were not that simple. Actually, each ring represented the noble descent of Cartier. They were made by high-quality diamonds whose color grade was between D and H, clarity grade between IF and VS2 and cutting grade VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT. All of these diamonds were certificated by GIA, that is to say, there are only 2% of the world’s diamonds could meet the requirements of Cartier. At the same time, every pattern of every series contains items of different clarity grades, sizes, colors, cuts, and prices, which provides a various choice. Consequently, Lisa and her boyfriend could choose the rings they liked best as well as affordable.

It is said that the classic red box, meaning good luck and happiness, has long been considered the token of the relationship. But the determinate reason that Lisa chose Cartier [] as her wedding ring was that Cartier had set up many chic and elegant Wedding Ring Salons all over the world, which provided comfortable and elegant room to consult to and choose from. They just made an appointment in advance by telephone, then all the professional advice and convenient service from Cartier were waiting for them.

I am now expecting my prestigious ceremony plus the flawless wedding rings. How could I design a wedding sweeter than that? The red box with a history of more than 160 years will witness all my commitment and wishes.

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by Ding Jian

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