perfect engagement ring
There are many things that must be purchased to create the perfect wedding, but perhaps none is more important than the perfect engagement ring.

It is after all the engagement ring upon which everything hinges, and choosing the perfect ring with which to propose marriage can be one of the most difficult things for any man to do.

==Finding The Ring Size Can Be A Challenge==

One reason for this difficulty is that in the vast majority of cases the presentation of the engagement ring is meant to be a surprise, and it can be hard for the man to know the jewelry preferences, or ring size, of his bride to be.

Knowing a ring size can be quite difficult, and it usually takes a bit of subterfuge to accomplish this goal. Some men will quietly pocket a ring from their fiancé’s drawer in order to have it sized, while others may drop hints and try to get this information in other ways.

The man can always ask his fiancé’s family members or friends, but it is important to swear them to secrecy.

==Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring For His Or Her Style==

After the ring size has been established it is important to look for the perfect engagement ring and to take the tastes of the fiancé into account. Some clue can be gained from her existing jewelry collection.

If she favors bold jewelry with large stones, the same taste may carry over into the engagement ring. If on the other hand she favors simple and elegant jewelry, that same taste may apply to the engagement ring as well.

==There Are Many Different Kinds Of Settings To Choose From==

There are many different kinds of settings to choose from when shopping for an engagement ring. There are rings that use one large stone, and others that combine many smaller stones into a single setting.

There are also engagement rings that incorporate other precious stones in addition to the more traditional diamonds, and those settings can be quite stunning.

==The Many Choices Of Metals To Chose From==

As to the metal in the engagement ring there are many choices as well, including 18 carat gold, 24 carat gold, sterling silver, platinum and titanium. Each type of metal has its own unique beauty, and it is important to base the choice on your own style and that of your fiancé.

perfect engagement ring

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