perfect engagement ring
Engagement is a defining moment in a couple’s life. Most of the people would like to make their first gift to each other as special as possible. It is a promise and a sacred one at that to be married in future. Diamond engagement ring surely marks the sincerity and solidity of the commitment.

The commonly chosen engagement rings are simple band with a single diamond known as Solitaire. There is an interesting philosophy in using ring as a symbol for engagement and weddings. It states that there is no end and no beginning in love, faith and friendship – a ring is a circle. It was around eight century that Christians started using rings for marriages. It also said that cupid’s arrow struck with diamonds create an unparallel magic which helps in keep the fire of love alive through years. Some believe that diamond has fire inside itself which sparkles spreading love.

Engagement and wedding rings are available in plenty of designs and styles. Traditional antique set rings, round cut, emerald cut, princess cut, rectangle, oval and other numerous fancy cut are found in the market to mark that special day for you and your partner. The lights refracting from the ring will strengthen your relationship adding a serenity and purity to the moment. Nothing can replace the glow and shine in your to be spouse’s face.

Apart from the emotional face it is also extremely important that you not be fooled in to getting a artificial diamond which will lose its luster in short span of time. The market now flooded with such fakes. A guideline of buying the treasured ring entails what you should look in to before you reach for your wallet.

It is better to purchase your engagement ring from a prestigious and well established store. Ask if they will issue a certificate for the diamond ring. This certificate states the weight in carat and size of the diamond and is test is conducted by a qualified and experienced gemologist. Always closely check for the cut, clarity- for natural flaws and imperfections, color- colorless, yellow, pink, and red. Solitaires are expensive owing to their rarity. Some people also buy loose diamonds; always obtain a certificate for the same.

Modern trends allow you design your own rings. They supply you with ring size guide, styles available, colors and size of diamonds that could be embedded in the ring. There is a great variety of precious and semi- precious metals like gold, platinum, white gold are found with jewelers. There might be stores offering money back guarantees to promote, please be advised to check the credentials. Buy metals which are duly hallmarked by designated authority such as London Assay office.

The diamond engagement or wedding ring represent the honour, fidelity, faith and love that you bestow on your partner. An event of such magnitude changes you life for better growth and prosperity and it begins with getting a flawless engagement ring.

perfect engagement ring

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