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Take a look at some of the outfits that supermodels strut down high fashion runways around the world. In many cases, you may find yourself asking the question, “Who would ever wear something like that?”

And so it goes in the world of experimental clothing design. In many cases, it may be perfectly fashionable, but it isn’t exactly functional. This is counter to the whole idea behind Android watches. The designers at Android pride themselves in producing high quality wristwatches that are not simply just a showpiece on your wrist. Sure, they look great. But they also serve a variety of convenient functions.

Many watchmakers out there rely entirely on making a stylish wristwatch that doesn’t really do much at all. Android watches always look fabulous, and function just as well. These Android watches are at the precipice of both luxurious style and convenient usability.

Android Men’s Limited Edition Virtuoso Swiss Automatic Tungsten Case Leather Strap Watch

Android’s Virtuoso model is a classy watch that is perfect for everyday wear. It looks immaculate around the office, but is also tough enough to get through your busy and active days.

The Virtuoso has a circular silver-tone case that is made from real tungsten material. The craftsmanship of this watch is also something to marvel at. It utilizes Swiss Selita SW200 Automatic movement, and it even has an exhibition back, so you can see all of those tiny gears moving along.

But what exactly is automatic movement? This is how the watch is powered. Instead of a battery or having to wind it up, the Virtuoso essentially powers itself. Or rather, you power it by walking around. It has a series of weights that wind the watch simply off of the normal movement of your arm. As long as you keep wearing it, it will keep ticking away.

You can select this watch with dial covers of charcoal, purple or blue. All of these styles have silver-tone index markers located at every hour position except for 12:00. At 12:00 rests a silver-tone Roman numeral. There is also a date window near 3:00.

This timepiece finishes off with a black genuine leather strap. Don’t settle for an average watch for everyday wear. Spice things up a bit with the Virtuoso from Android.

Android Men’s Silverjet Quartz Sun & Moon Leather Strap Watch

Pay homage to the cycles of the cosmos with the Silverjet from Android. The silver-tone 316L stainless steel case is uniquely shaped like an octagon, with four screws displayed prominently. The bezel on the Silverjet is available in black when you purchase the blue option, and blue with the silver option.

The dial of this watch has luminous index markers located at all of the hour positions. You can also find the Android logo right below 12:00. Above 6:00 also sits a dial with the sun and the moon. A leather black strap secures this watch to your wrist. It even features blue stitching on the edges for added appeal. If you feel a deep connection with the heavenly cycle, show it off with the silverjet.

Android Men’s Tattooed Banker Tiger Edition Automatic Date Window Leather Strap Watch

Some watches look great around the office. Other watches look cool out in the club. But very seldom can you find a wristwatch that fits smoothly into both vastly different environments. And yet Android has done this with the Tattooed Banker line.

This style from the Tattooed Banker collection features a thrilling 3D tiger image right in the center of the blue or green dial. This is surrounded by a round silver-tone 316L stainless steel case and a silver-tone bezel.

At the 3:00 hour, you can find a date window, and the watch is completely powered by Seagull TY2806 Automatic movement with 21 jewels. Gorgeous crocodile embossing sweeps across the black leather strap, while coordinated stitching accents both sides. Show off your edgy side around the office with this style from the Tattooed Banker Collection.

Android Men’s Apollo Solar-3 Quartz Date Window Leather Strap Watch

With the popularity of AMC’s television series “Mad Men” has come a resurgence of the simple masculine fashions of the early 1960s. The Apollo Solar-3 represents a perfect example of this classic style.

The watch, strap and dial come in a variety of elegant colors. Arabic numerals denote all of the hour positions and a date window exists directly to the left of the 3:00 hour. Above 6:00, you can also see the words “Android solar power” proudly displayed. Express your concern for a “green” lifestyle while still hearkening back to days of yore with the Apollo Solar-3 from Android.

In this day and age, there are far too many options out there to settle for a boring timepiece that looks great but barely can keep ticking. Select one of these watches from Android and experience the pinnacle of both fashion and function.

how to clean silvertone jewelry

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