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If you think everything has all been said and done in the crafting world; well, I have got some good news for you! I would personally like to open your eyes to the art of making things from colorful duct tape. It’s going to really take your next rainy day activity or church group get-together by storm! And don’t forget to include the kids in this one; duct tape, as a rule, is pretty much non-toxic. You do not need glue or adhesive as the “sticky” does the work for you.

Last Christmas I made a really awesome wallet strictly out of colorful tape for my husband’s cousin. She was really floored to get something like this that might have cost me all of five dollars to put together! I used one roll of duct tape for the project and to this day I still have a little of that same roll left over. It had a really cute pattern with pickles on it and the words “Dill with it!” going all over it. You will not be lacking for some interesting colors or patterns; my all-time favorite is the leopard print (since I love animals, I tend to stay consistent with the “safari” look) I’ve seen neon pink, neon green, rainbows, cupcakes, metallics and even Justin Bieber printed on duct tape.

What have I seen made out of crafting tape? Besides wallets-I’ve seen picture frames, purses, roses, and even mini-dresses (want to make a bold, unique statement at the next party? Try that on for size!) Sometimes in your shopping excursions, you may find that quality colored duct tape is not cheap, I most recently paid $5.49 for one roll. If you purchase multiple rolls from an e-commerce supplier you may find yourself saving a little green. Of course, it can’t hurt to plan your next projects with quantity vs. quality in mind so that you do not unnecessarily waste that good tape. You will need a good pair of scissors for your crafting tasks. There are a few brands of colored duct tape that do tear, but it may be a little thinner (and plus, you may prefer to have a clean edge with some of your projects.) If you like this stuff enough to branch out into more advanced project ideas, such as clothing items or accessories-some reinforcement items like grommets, jump rings or belt buckles will be in order.

I love my colorful tape and have many other uses for it besides craft-related-I use some to do different tasks. For example, a boring black picture frame gets a real makeover when I apply strips of duct tape all around the perimeter of the frame. Looks great, classes it up a bit-of course, I like to make the duct tape’s color or pattern complementary to the picture subject. A picture with a somber mood to it would not look so good with a “wavy gravy” color pattern going around it. Stick with something like gold or silver. Any empty coffee cans lying around have gotten plastered with the sticky stuff as well. An empty small can that once held soup or fruit cocktail makes a great pencil holder. The wide range of colors has also been a boon for occasional home repairs (like patching up a tear on a piece of leather furniture.) Once you go shiny, bright, and vivid you can’t go back to the old gray standard anymore!

So once you have discovered ways to make duct tape jewelry (like bracelets) and ways to dress up existing craft projects as well, you won’t want to be without one or two colorful rolls anymore. Share the wealth and give some of your handmade duct tape items as gifts-I can’t imagine someone not being impressed upon receiving a mobile phone case, necktie or belt made entirely of this versatile material! If you are ever stuck for ideas, there is a wealth of information on the internet and how-to books as well. Here’s to your creativity!

how to clean jewelry silver at home

Source by Jennifer L Fouts

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