Govind Dev Ji Jhanki Time on Janmashtami 2023

Be a part of the mesmerizing Aarti and get engrossed in the harmonious ambiances of the Janmashtami celebration at the Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur. 

Govind Dev Ji Jhanki Time On Janmashtami 2023

Govind Dev Ji Jhanki Date: Monday, 06 September 2023

Mangla3:45 AM4:30 AM
Dhoop7:30 AM9:30 AM
Shringar9:45 AM11:30 AM
Rajbhog11:45 AM1:30 PM
Gwal4:00 PM6:30 PM
Sandhya6:45 PM8:30 PM
Shayan9:15 PM10:30 PM

Located in the heart of Jaipur city, Govind Dev Ji temple is one of the most beautiful and immensely sacred temples of the country. This Temple is one among the seven temples of Thakur Ji (Lord Krishan). Every year Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated here with great enthusiasm and fervor by the devotees of Shri Krishna. It is a must-visit place of Jaipur, especially during the Janmashtami festival. 

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