perfect engagement ring for me
It’s a common fact that we all spend maybe a little too much on our appearance and jewellery sometimes makes up a big portion of the money we dish out. Do you have some old and dusty silver jewellery lying about? Chances are you do! Silver is quite an attraction as not everybody is a gold or diamond fan, but either way, silver is precious and should be looked after. Taking care of your silver jewellery doesn’t have to be a long and stressful chore though!

If you have silver jewellery that has aged, it’s most likely obtained a black colour, which is because of the silver reacting with the sulphur in the atmosphere. They’re have been all sorts of tips and tricks, such as bathing your silver in jewellery, but you can just stick with the basic method of cleaning the piece in soap, rinse well with water and then gently drying.

Silver is also delicate, so remembering to take it off before swimming as one example is a great idea, not only for the safety of yourself, but the life of your silver jewellery too. Even taking a little more care on where you store your jewellery can work a treat, because commonly we mix our silver jewellery with a lot of other jewellery and your precious pieces end up scratched and more or less ‘worthless’ to your fashion regime.

Our pieces of jewellery, may they be a representative of sentimental value or just as an accessory should be taken care of.

perfect engagement ring for me

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