how to clean jewelry silver
Pearls are one of those timeless pieces of jewelry that are often passed on from generation to generation, as well they should be! There is no reason they can’t last a lifetime and then be passed on as heirloom pieces with the right care. Here are a few tips to care for your heirloom jewelry-

  1. Never clean your pearls in an ultra sonic cleaner.

  2. Put any creams, hairspray or perfumes on before you put your necklace, bracelet or earrings on. Rule of thumb for pearls is ‘last thing on, first thing off’.

  3. Do not wear jewelry in chlorinated pools or hot tubs.

  4. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your pearls such as ammonia, alcohol, vinegar, or household cleaners.

  5. Wear your pearls! Pearls love the natural oils from your body but not the perspiration.

  6. Use a damp cloth to clean pearls. Allow to thoroughly dry before storage.

  7. Store fine jewelry in a pouch or separate box, not thrown in with all your other jewelry. Other jewelry can scratch the nacre.

  8. If the pearls have lost their luster some people have reported success with wiping a thin layer of olive oil to restore luster.

  9. Do not store pearls in a plastic bag or plastic of any kind, they will be become dry and brittle.

  10. Never store your pearls near a heater or on a windowsill with bright light.

Now you know the proper care for your pearls. Wear them often and don’t pack away your pearls with your wedding dress, wear them! Pearls are in vogue again and can be worn with everything from wedding dresses to jeans!

how to clean jewelry silver

Source by Sonja Holke

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