silver wholesalers in india
Jewelry designers know they have a choice when looking for wholesale gemstone beads. Buying these unique beads at wholesale prices can save a designer a lot of money, but it’s important to consider factors other than price when looking for a gemstone wholesaler. Any company should also have an extensive selection of unique beads and an easy return policy in case the bead turns out to be not quite what you expected.

Extensive Selection

If you do a lot of jewelry designing or buying for a group of designers, you know that finding one source for all your wholesale gemstone beads makes it easier to shop. A good source of wholesale gemstone beads will be able to offer freshwater pearls, semi precious and precious beads, as well as vermeil, sterling silver, copper and brass beads. Buying everything from one store means that you’ll be able to enjoy reduced shipping costs and will cut down on the valuable time it takes to search multiple web sites or stores for particular unique beads.

Developing a relationship with a source of wholesale gemstone beads also means they may be able to place special orders or find unique beads especially for you. Doing this means you’ll be able to design jewelry with unique beads no one else can offer.


Price is another big concern gemstone buyers have. The price they’re able to pay for their unique beads directly impacts the cost of the jewelry and how much they can charge for their jewelry pieces. If the price of semi precious or precious beads is too high, chances are the jewelry will sit in a store display case before being sold. By purchasing wholesale gemstone beads, you can bring down your costs and provide jewelry less expensively, while still maintaining your profit and the quality of your jewelry.

Hassle Free Return Policy

Because buying beads online means you can’t touch the beads or see their quality in person, it’s vital that any source for wholesale beads offers a hassle free return policy. It’s reasonable for the company to put a time limit on returns and require authorization before accepting a return, but be wary of wholesalers who have a strict ‘no returns’ policy. A company that’s interested in developing relationships with jewelry designers will understand the need to see gemstones in person before making the final decision if the bead should be used.

The company should also be willing to accept returns on items that are damaged during shipping. Because damage can occur even with the most careful packaging, wholesalers of gemstone beads should allow a return any time the items arrive damaged.

Doing a little research on sources of wholesale gemstone beads will mean saving valuable time in the long run when you’re looking for specific unique beads. While many people may think price is the most important factor, consider the company’s selection and the return policy before spending anything.

silver wholesalers in india

Source by Jonathan Buschlen

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