how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda
A nice pair of designer earrings can truly make you look your best. Wearing stunning gold, silver, diamond and semi-precious stone earrings can truly help you look your best. One thing to be aware of when you buy this type of jewelry would be the fact these selections can only look their best when properly taken care of.

That means you will have to clean the earrings regularly and do so in the manner most appropriate for the type of earrings you have purchased. There can be subtle differences in the way you clean one type of earrings vs. another. Considering the high cost and luster of designer earrings, you want to be sure they are cleaned in the correct manner.

The Basics of How to Clean Designer Earrings

Handle the earrings with care. Always hold them from the back and never grab them from the actual jeweled area. Directly touching, say, a diamond might not only harm the luster, but can also cause damage to the gems. Wrapping the jewelry items in tissue to avoid direct contact is a wise plan.

Immediately disinfect the earrings. Some do this by placing the earrings in boiling water. This might not really be adequate. Instead, placing the earrings in a small cup of peroxide might be the best strategy since this will kill off all germs and bacteria. Doing so will clean also clean it quite effectively, too.

Allow the earrings to soak in the peroxide for about ten full minutes. Specs of dirt and debris will come loose when you do this.

While dirt and debris might come loose, they might not fall completely off so you will need to perform a little manual cleaning work. Placing the earrings on tissue paper and then using a toothbrush to remove dirt from the earrings would be a common way to do this. Whatever you do, do so in a careful a manner as possible so as not to scratch the jewelry.

Allow the designer jewelry to dry. Once it is dried, put it away in a safe place so it will not lose any of its luster or get lost.

Special Considerations for Different Designer Jewelry

Since there is such a huge variety of designer jewelry available, there will be a few things that have to be taken into consideration when cleaning certain kinds of jewelry.

Designer earrings that are made with more than one type of metal will need to be cared for much more elegantly than those one single metal. The cleaning process should be done gently and a very nonabrasive cloth must be used.

Gold earrings should be soaked for at least ten minutes in a solution of water and dish detergent. Afterwards, it may be cleaned with a toothbrush in a careful manner. However, it is well advised to purchase a Sunshine Polishing Cloth from a jeweler when cleaning gold and silver earrings. This type of cloth will reduce the likelihood of scratches occurring. Putting the earrings in a strainer and rinsing them in the sink under hot water will wash out all the excess detergent.

When cleaning sterling silver earrings, you definitely do not want to want to use soap. Instead, water and baking soda is required for a proper cleaning that will not damage the earrings.

Transparent gemstone earrings might be the easiest to clean and care for. The soap, water and toothbrush strategy might work quite well for gemstones. However, you do have to be very delicate in your approach or else the gemstones might come loose as you break the earrings.

Gemstones that are of the diamond, ruby ​​and sapphire variety might need to be cared for in a much more deliberate manner. Water with a small amount of ammonia might be fine.

With opaque gemstones, you cannot use ammonia. Instead, you will want to use a moist cloth and wipe them clean.

In truth, it is not very difficult to care for these earrings in the most effective and desirable manner. As long as you are familiar with a few simple steps, you can care for even the most exquisite earrings easily.

how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda

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