how to clean jewelry silver
European bead bracelets, such as the ones made by Pandora, Chamilia and Trollbeads, are a popular accessory. Most women wear their bracelets every day, which means they get dirty quickly. Most beads and bracelets are made of sterling silver, Murano glass and other quality materials, so it is important to use care when cleaning this type of jewelry. Here are some easy tips for keeping your beads, charms and bracelets looking like new.

The safest and cheapest way to clean beads and bracelets is to fill a dish with warm soapy water (use a mild soap such as dish washing liquid), dunk the bracelet & charms and let them soak for a minute or two. With an old soft toothbrush or an old clean mascara wand, give the extra dirty parts a light scrub; the wand is perfect to push into the bead core holes. Swirl or let them soak for a few more minutes, then rinse in cold water & dry with a soft cloth.

Standard liquid silver polishes or paste would remove much of the oxidized detail that is common on this type of jewelry, so it would be wise to avoid these types of cleaners.

Alternatively there are safe, soft jewelery cleaning cloths on the market but it is hard to push them in to the fine detail spots. They are perfect, though, to add extra sparkle to the washed & dried bracelet charms.

Make sure you take off your bracelet before going into a pool or using any sort of cleaning chemicals, as chlorine and other harsh agents can permanently damage the silver.

how to clean jewelry silver

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