how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda
If you take proper care of your silver jewelries, they will not get tarnished easily. Thus when discussing about the process of cleaning these metal pieces, one also needs to mention how to protect silver ornaments from staining or discoloration.

Any item made from silver can be tarnished as a result of coming in contact with food items containing sulfur (food items is one of the main factors causing staining of silver utensils), sulfur, rubber, air and salt. Thus if you want to prevent tarnishing of objects made from silver, you must make sure that they do not stay in contact with the above mentioned triggers from a long period of time. The next preventive measure you should take is covering the ornaments using a piece of woolen fabric before keeping them back into the jewelry box. The anti-tarnishing quality of wool will ensure that your valuables remain stain-free.

Following the above tips will surely help you in preventing your silver jewelries from getting stained. Now, let us discuss about the easiest ways of removing stains from these pieces. When it comes to objects made from this precious metal, the ingredient that will show best effects as a stain remover is baking soda. Baking soda possesses the ability of removing spots even from items boasting extremely complex designs. The steps below explain the process of removing stains from your ornaments in details:

  • Fill an aluminum pan with water and add half teaspoonful of salt to it. Allow the water to boil.
  • As soon as the water starts boiling, turn the stove off and immerse the silver pieces you want to clean in it.
  • Next, you will have to add the main cleaning ingredient i.e. baking soda. For every cup of water you will have to add a teaspoonful of baking soda. This means, if the pan contains 4 cup of water, you will need to add four teaspoon baking soda into it.
  • Allow the metal pieces to soak in the baking soda solution for around 15 minutes. After 8 to 10 minutes, the mix will start producing a sulfur-like smell along with a fizz.
  • Once 15 minutes are over, remove the ornaments from the mixture and wash them carefully using plain water.
  • As it is extremely important to make sure that not a single drop of water is left on the cleaned items when they are stored, you should wipe each one of them using a clean and soft towel until they are completely dry.

If the stains on your silver jewelries were minor ones, the above steps will be enough for removing them. However, for more serious spots, you may need to repeat all the steps discussed above twice or thrice.

how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda

Source by Billy S. Horner

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