how to clean jewelry gold at home
Swarovski crystal jewelry, also commonly known as the Austrian crystal jewelry, is considered the finest and most expensive type of crystal jewelry. For this reason, these jewelry items need to be taken special care of so that they last forever.

If you wear thisl jewelry casually, the crystals tend to lose their shine due to wear and tear. This includes body and clothes friction, sun, heat, dust, perfume sprays, makeup particles and even oil on our skin. In case of Swarovski jewelry, it is not the kind you can buy every other day. You need to take special care of it, keep it clean and safe, so that it continues to add elegance in your personality.

Cleaning this jewelry is not as difficult or expensive as it sounds. In fact, you will find many of the cleaning items at home or at your nearest grocery store.

Baby wipes is a wonder-product that cleans this jewelry nicely without damaging the surface of the crystals. After rubbing the baby wipes gently on your crystal jewelry, finish off by using a cotton cloth to dry it and give the jewelry its original luster.

Another method to clean this jewelry is to make a soapy solution and put few drops of vinegar in it. Now take a cotton ball and gently wipe your crystal jewelry. The presence of vinegar will remove all kinds of perfume, body spray and other kinds of oil residues from the crystals without damaging them. Don’t forget to dry off with a clean cotton cloth to give your jewelry the perfect sparkle.

Your Swarovski jewelry now looks new and you can wear it with full confidence!

how to clean jewelry gold at home

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