how to select the perfect engagement ring
As we all that diamond engagement rings are very expensive and there are many people who do not have much money to spend on their engagement ring. And if you are one of them and you are looking for affordable engagement rings then here are few tips which will help you in finding a perfect diamond engagement ring at affordable prices.

4C’S of diamond

Always remember that if you are planning to buy a diamond ring at affordable prices then you must never miss the 4C’S of diamond. The 4C’S of it stand for color, cut, clarity and carat. These are the four attributes of diamond which determine the value and prices of diamond.

The first C is the color of diamond and always remembers that color of diamond refers to the natural tint of it and if you want to save money on your ring then you must never go with fancy colored. Colored diamonds are expensive compare to white diamond.

Cut of diamond is the most important attribute of diamond as it refers to the quality and shape of diamond. And if you want a rings for cheap prices then you must consider cut of it. There are many shapes available in diamond ring but before selecting the shape you must keep in mind that the shapes which are common are expensive. Hence you must select the shapes which are uncommon. You can also compromise with the quality of diamond. This is one of that factors which your lady will never come to know.

Clarity refers to flaws and inclusions and as diamond is a natural substance it is possible that you can find a it with little flaws and inclusions. But always keep in mind that you can never see the flaws with your naked eye. So you can buy a diamond with little flaws as these diamonds are less expensive compare to clear diamond because they are rare to find.

You must consider the carat of diamond. Carat refers to the weight of diamond and is measured in carat. And if you want to reduce the cost of your ring then you must go with a low carat.

Buy your ring online

But if you do not want to compromise on any of these attributes of diamond and still you want to save your money then you can buy your diamond engagement ring online. There are many reputed and popular online stores offering diamond engagement ring at affordable prices. Always remember that this is one of the best ways to get a quality diamond engagement ring without breaking your bank.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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