how to clean jewelry silver with baking soda
Necklaces have quickly made the headlines in the fashion industry and like a watch, men’s necklaces are now the ‘must have’ addition to that your unique and debonair look and better still, they can tell a story about you. While gold has been the darling of many silver is a friend that can fit in any colour combination that you love, also in any design that you envy. The fabulous collection of men’s necklaces come in different designs that you sure to have your best pick that will tell your story better.

We have always known that men dislike the idea of taking long hours to clean outfit item, which brings the other most fascinating thing about your collection of men’s silver necklaces. You really don’t need to spend more than five minutes cleaning or taking care of it, maybe a minute can even do with these very easy and straightforward tips:

You feel your necklace is dirty? Don’t worry, just take warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Rub it lightly with your finger or use a soft brush if the necklace has heavy braid, this will ensure you reach all areas of your favourite necklace. After this, just rinse it well or let it dry on top of a soft cloth and you are good to go.

Avoid using your toothbrush and towel. Your toothbrush can scratch your necklace. Most towels have lint which can be caught inside the chain. Soft cloth can do the work just fine without damage.

Thinking of adding a little shine to your favourite necklace? You can get yourself a polish from the jewellery shop and follow the simple instructions given and you have it shining the way you love it. Ensure that you follow the instructions, carefully though.

You can also mix hot water with baking soda and salt, place your silver necklace in the dip and leave it there for a couple of minutes and the tarnish will dissolve.

If your necklace has gemstones, then you need to take extra care of it, use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt away.

An ultrasonic jewellery cleaning machine can be very handy for that thorough clean of your men’s silver necklace. Using sound waves, the machine can remove a lot of dirt from your necklace. The machine has specific instructions that need to be followed, so like any other machine, we will emphasise that you read the instructions before use and follow them.

When you are not wearing your necklace, keep them lying flat or hanging straight. This is important as it avoids knotting of chains and dirt settling on your necklace.

With these few tips, you can ensure that your fabulous jewellery maintains its shiny look for longer and helps define you, as you would want it. So, go on, we no you thinking of it! That necklace you thought was old, dirty and had lost its shine, you can bring it back to life again and let it complete your look.

how to clean jewelry silver with baking soda

Source by Caitriona Lui

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