how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda and vinegar
This article is meant for people who love wearing silver ornaments and want every silver piece they own to stay shinny for years to come. The section below will educate you about the process of taking care of your silver jewelry.

Cleaning: Toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar are some of the ingredients using which you can remove stains from your silver ornaments. However, if you find that the above mentioned ingredients fail to make the ornaments tarnish-free, you can opt for machine cleaning. For that, you will have to take all the pieces you want to clean to a reputable professional jeweler. The machine that is used most commonly for this kind of cleaning is ultrasonic cleaner. You can also buy one such machine for your home; however, remember that commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines are more effective than the small ones designed for being used in homes.

Besides using an ultrasonic cleaner for polishing your old silver pieces, the cleaning professionals might also use abrasive papers for enhancing the shine of the ornaments. However, use of abrasive papers for polishing metal pieces results in loss of a certain amount of metal; due to this reason this process should be used only if all the other cleaning options fail to show results.

Storing: If you want to see your silver jewelries in good shape for a long period of time, you must store it properly. When keeping the ornaments in a jewelry box, wrap them well using a high quality anti-tarnish cloth or tissue. If possible, place the wrapped pieces inside a plastic pouch (try taking out all the air from the pouch before you close it) and then keep it inside the box. Every single piece of silver jewelry you have should be wrapped separately; this is essential to prevent the items from getting scratched.

The process of wrapping is different for different ornaments; for instance, if it’s a chain, you should wrap it only after stretching it out. On the other hand, if you are wrapping a pair of earrings, you should wrap each piece separately. You can however place both wrapped earrings in the same plastic pouch.

Other guidelines to follow: Besides cleaning your silver ornaments regularly and storing them properly, you must follow some other guidelines to enhance the life of those precious items. For instance, you should never wear them when spending time in the hot tub or swimming pool. Never allow the ornaments to come in contact with cleaning bleach or ammonia; those items might result in complete discoloration of the valuable metal products. Bleaching agents are known to attack the metal and dissolve it, which might leave the jewelries dented and tainted. You should also never use rubber bands for wrapping the jewelries.

how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda and vinegar

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