perfect engagement ring for me
Have you already done the legwork and selected a ring, but need a place to show her? Here are five ideas that can help you out.

  1. On the Beach
    The beach is just such a romantic location. From the light sea breezes to the feel of sand beneath your feet to the view of the ocean, the beach is an ideal location for vacations and for a wedding proposal. Whether you decide to take one of the engagement rings from a store of your choice to the beach with you for a spontaneous, last-minute getaway, or you choose to propose while already on vacation, the beach is a great place to do so. She'll definitely never forget you asking to spend a lifetime with her when you're laying on a beach blanket watching the sun set over the ocean.

  2. Favorite Restaurant
    Take that special someone to her favorite restaurant. Don't tell her why you're going, but encourage her to dress up for the occasion. You could even tell her you just want to take her out to show how much you appreciate her. Ask a waiter or waitress to deliver the ring.

  3. Set Up Patio like Venice
    If you're limited on funds after spending money on one of the beautiful engagement rings for sale at your local jeweler, you can always make your own patio look like a scene taking right from Venice, Italy. Buy white Christmas lights to string around the area. A red and white checked tablecloth will really enhance the theme. Make sure to put out the fine china and really set the mood. Don't hesitate to get some violin music to play in the background. If you don't have a patio or balcony, you can do this in your own dining room or even at her house as a surprise after she comes home.

  4. Near a Lake
    Bodies of water are always so peaceful. They aren't always the most romantic, but they are definitely somewhere you can go to be alone with your significant other. Put down a blanket and just enjoy the serene environment and then pull out one of the engagement rings you've chosen. Your soon-to-be fiancé will be caught off guard. And how can she honestly say no when she's surrounded by so much beauty?

  5. At a Park
    Not all parks are just for children. There are many parks out there that are more or less sitting areas in the middle of Mother Nature. Find one of these ones – you know, one without all the brightly colored equipment – and set up a picnic. Say something sweet to her about how beautiful she is, and then pull out the ring you chose especially for her out of all the other engagement rings.

6. At a Ski Lodge or Ice Skating Rink
If your queen is a snow bunny, why not take her to an ice rink or a ski lodge? You can propose at the top of a hill or mountain or on the ski lift. If you choose to do it at an ice skating rink, spin her in a circle while holding hands, then slowly get down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. This is a great way to be romantic, though maybe only ideal for a skilled skater.

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by Andrew Stratton

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