how to select the perfect engagement ring
An interlocking wedding ring is a ring which allows the engagement ring and wedding band to be incorporated into one ring. You should choose to design your own, to make sure that your wedding band matches your personal style and for sure you will be happy with your wedding band for many years.

Choosing the right interlocking wedding rings for you and your future husband or wife should be a joyful task. However, some questions may arise during the selection process. Let this guide your choice of ring, since she/he is the one that needs to be happy with it, since she/he will be wearing it for the rest of her life.

Steps to do When Designing an Interlocking Wedding Ring

  1. To research the styles of interlocking wedding rings, just visit local jewelry shops or websites for professional jewelers. It will help to look at other rings first although you want to design your own ring. Mark it down on a piece of paper if you come across a ring style or design you like. Ask the jeweler if you can look at an the ring, when you are visiting a jewelry store, this step will help you determine how your custom ring design must be created to fit with an engagement ring.

  2. Sketch a few ideas for your interlocking wedding rings and please do not hesitate to sketch several different ideas. Refer back to any ideas you may have jotted down from your research period.

  3. Find a local jeweler who will be willing to work with you and create an interlocking wedding ring based on your design. Share your sketches and ideas soon as you find a jeweler you are comfortable with. She should be able to help you to turn your design ideas into a reasonable and functional wedding band.

4. Select any diamonds or stones which you want to incorporate into your design. Consider the cut, clarity, and color and carat size when selecting a design. You can also want to set with the other stones, such as your birthstone.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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