trendy wedding jewellery
Are you having problems choosing the perfect gift for a friend for her 30th birthday bash? Straining your brain thinking of the right gift for your friend’s baby shower? Well, you need not worry anymore because there is one gift that is wonderful and practically suitable for everybody. It is called the Italian charms. Do not let the name deceive you. Italian charms have nothing to do with white or black magic charms. It is a handmade jewelry that originates from Italy. The companies that manufacture this type of jewelry includes Zoppini, Gold & Steel, Boxing, Puzzle, Ryry, Patrizia, Talexia and ReFlorence to name a few. The jewelry comes in stainless steel and 18K gold finishes.

Italian charms are elegant and practical. Not only can you assemble the charms yourself and rearrange them whenever you feel like it, it also comes in variety of designs such as the personalized picture charms, alphabet initial charms, love charms, religious charms, birthstones and zodiac sign charms. By buying the charms, you are considered to have made a classy and timeless choice to express yourself. These linked charms are special as they can be assembled to a bracelet and set according to the wearer’s unique taste and preferences. You can also add additional charms to the bracelet too.

The charms are customizable according to whatever occasions or celebration. If you would like to give one as a wedding present, you might want to choose alphabet initial charms that combine the initials of the bride and groom. For your spouse, you may want a love charm or one with personalized photo of yourself. You can also have designs that are themes or hobby related. You can find designs that incorporated golf, soccer, badminton, tennis and other sports. For someone who is a big fan of a celebrity, you can also get a charm that has the celebrity’s image embedded on it.

Stars charms are quite common and this gift will surely delight the recipient. If you are visiting a sick friend or relative, you may offer him/her the charm bracelet as a get-well gift. Designs that you may want to consider are religious image such as Jesus, Mary or other deities in line with the recipient’s belief. If the recipient is a Buddhist, then you may get her Buddhist mantra charms. This will be highly appreciated by the recipient. Arts and hobbies charms are also equally charming because they touch on the passion of the recipient. For a fashionista, there are fashion charms available. Designs that include high heels, trendy bags, bikinis and fashionable dolls images that are beautiful and inspiring. For the working class, there are charms that incorporate professions onto them.

When it comes to charms, you are never short of choices. Animal lovers will love a charm that embeds images of their pets and also images of butterflies, bugs, birds, dogs and cats. There are charms that incorporate designs of travel and holidays related which globetrotters will love. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the London Bridge, USA’s Statue of Liberty and Japanese architectural will be a wonderful gift for the frequent travelers. Picture of breathtaking beaches or views are also available for the nature lovers.

Those passionate about gardening will enjoy gifts of charms that have flowers and plants motives on them. Flower charms with many different types of floral patterns are definitely remarkable and are available for you to choose from. Superheroes charms like Harry Potter will delight children and adult fans alike. Wine and champagne lovers will love charms with motives that have food, wine bottles and champagne glasses on them. And as for babies, there are just endless choices to choose from, be it cartoons or Disney authenticated ones.

Whatever the occasion may be, charm bracelets make wonderful and personalized gifts for anyone, regardless their ages and background. Italian charms are a great way to create unforgettable, unique gifts for your precious ones. Even if you do not plan to give them away as presents, you can also wear them yourself and what makes it even more special is that you are free to create your own style and identity.

trendy wedding jewellery

Source by G. S. Porter

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