how to clean jewelry gold at home
There is a new trend of using the pure copper necklace everywhere. They have been better and have greater qualities. Traditionally these were in use for the same purposes long back. Now, the trend is being revived. Ladies are switching to the copper jewelries for a fashion statement. People are curious to know what properties the neck pieces have. We will discuss the properties here so that the ones who are not aware of the facts can get some knowledge here.


From wherever you buy a pure copper necklace would be tremendously durable. So, if you are buying them from a trusted brand they would last you a lifetime. But you need to take proper care for it.

Easy To Clean

If you have already used copper jewellery then you already know that they sometimes turn green. There is nothing to fear for that. This happens because the metal reacts with sweat. This condition of copper materials is referred to as the copper chelates. If you want to remove the greenish coating then you can simply wash it with soap and water. You can also polish them by using simple home ingredients like ketchup and lemon. Soak the pure copper necklace in the solution and use a toothbrush to clean. Dry it with a cloth and you will find it shining.

Great Healing

The healing with the pure copper necklace occurs with reaction to the body’s system. The copper comes into contact with the skin of the individual. This reacts with the skin acids and oils. So, if you are thinking of using coated copper, then that would not be advantageous. When the copper is placed directly over the skin, the micronutrient enters the bloodstream by getting absorbed in the skin through sweat. Pure copper works against infection and will also protect you from any kind of infectious diseases. Injuries would also heal faster.

Good for Health

The ones who have a copper deficiency in their body will get benefitted by wearing a pure copper necklace. Since the skin absorbs the micronutrients so you would get small amounts of the minerals that you need for your skin. The one wearing the piece of jewellery would get relief from joint pains, arthritis problems and blood circulation issues.

Holistic and Spiritual Property

Copper is considered to be a grounding metal for both the human body and the spirit on a holistic level. Spiritually, it is believed to have healing properties. This is why the copper items were used in the ancient time for talismans and totems.

So, all these points are the important properties of copper made necklaces and other jewelries. If you are thinking of getting one yourself, you can order a pure copper necklace online. There are several varieties available. To find the best one out look out into Simply Pure Copper to find the best quality items.

how to clean jewelry gold at home

Source by Hakim Hari Krishan

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