how to select the perfect engagement ring
It is very tempting to instantly buy solitaire diamond engagement rings due to their overall attractive appearance on a woman’s ring finger. But you must make efforts for a informed and wiser purchasing. This will require you to first know some of the basics of these rings before you enter a jeweler’s shop.

Know that these rings display a single diamond. It is this sole stone that gives the jewelry the special look. That is why these are called as solitaire rings. Clearly, if you are custom making the ring, then you must be first buying a loose diamond.

Usually solitaire diamond engagement rings have a larger diamond. The larger size of the stone is almost essential for a brilliant appearance as there is no other stone to accompany it. A benefit of the single stone is that it is less costly instead of many smaller stones for other types of rings. So, usually the solitaires are within your budget if other features like metals and engraving do not raise the budget much.

Another aspect to know about the diamond rings having a solitaire stone is that it usually employs prong setting. This type of setting is particularly popular in order to highlight the precious stone more prominently. Four to six prongs surround the stone with claws of metals and give protection to the stone from falling off. The security aspect of the prong setting should be specially taken care of and discuss it with the jeweler.

Choose a metal with care. Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are the popular choices. But the main function of the metal should to be to provide perfect matching backdrop to the diamond on the ring so that its brilliance is enhanced further.

While purchasing the diamond for solitaire diamond engagement rings, make sure that the stone is of good quality and is not a fake one. a good quality diamond consists is color less or near colorless, has clarity with minor inside flaws and only few scratches outside it if any, has an excellent cut and its carat size should be adequate. Of course you can cut down a little on these parameters in order to prune the costs.

Yet another crucial aspect is that you must compare lots of shops for choosing budget-friendly quality ring jewelry. But as it is not possible to compare all such products in a shop, it is advisable to compare them on internet. The advantage is that you can search for these jewelries at will and compare as many of them as you want.

The online shopping of solitaire diamond engagement rings is beneficial for comparing different prices as well. The online retail jewelers are known for competitive and low pricing and you can take advantage of it. But make sure that the jeweler is reliable and has a right return place in place so that you can return a damaged piece. Keep these tips in mind for a more informed purchasing.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

Source by Ritu Raj Mishra

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