perfect engagement ring for me
Modern couples in love, although not actually launching engraved stones at each other, are increasingly choosing new ways to impress, surprise and hit their mark with loved ones by declaring their tender words on engraved stones. Instead of throwing them, however, they just gently (or sneakily) present them to their significant other!

Natural stones and rocks seem to perfectly symbolize and support their loving messages. The strength of any promises declared, the everlasting feelings expressed, are that much stronger, truer, more permanent, when engraved into stone.

So what can you say on your love rock that will win you a beautiful smile and touch the heart of your special someone? Here are some examples of messages on engraved stones that have been used to express one’s love and devotion. You might discover the right words among these ideas or perhaps use these examples as a springboard for brainstorming the perfect sentiment for your specific situation and loved one. Words can be funny, serious, quirky, nice, predictable, intriguing, questioning or involve a call to action. Whatever they are, though, it’s best that they be sincere and focus in on the special connection you share with your loved one.

Want to get engaged? Pop the question on a stone! “Will you marry me?” Or, ask your true love, “Spend a Lifetime with Me?” You could instead declare “I Love You, Be Mine Always” or, “Let’s Grow Old Together.” You could also leave some intrigue with “I Have A Question… ”

Here are more ideas for how to express love on engraved stones: “We’re Meant to Be” – “Our Love Rocks!” – “The Love Bug Bit Me”- “Sail With Me” – “Be Mine” – “You Have The Key To My Heart” – “You Are The One” – “You Are My Rock.”

Also, it can be a good idea to personalize your engraved stone gift with your loved one’s name and your name too. And, another suggestion that can help you when thinking about giving someone a love stone is it is best to avoid re-gifting the engraved stone.

Treat the one-of-a-kind engraved stone as a unique gift of love only for your special loved one. Then, cupid’s engraved stone will not only hit its mark, winning you a heartfelt smile and considerable affection, but will also become a long-lasting gift and a treasured reminder that your “Love Rocks.”

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by Liz Hekimian-Williams

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