perfect engagement ring
The micro pave engagement ring is attractive but a very delicate kind of engagement ring since the ring itself is encrusted with small diamonds which make it more elegant and gorgeous to look at. The ring itself glitters because of the small diamonds that are encrusted to the small metal parts of the ring.

This kind of ring is very presentable and stunning when worn by a beautiful lady. This has an extravagance and classy kind of design image. They also have different kinds of styles and designs to choose from. There is expensive and inexpensive ones which all depends on the gemstone and design of the micro pave ring itself.

The disadvantage of the micro pave engagement ring is that, the small stone in the ring may fall off if the prongs are not good quality. They must be durable to hold the small diamonds. See to it that the diamonds encrusted on the ring itself have a durable prong to hold them. So with this kind of ring you need to be careful in handling it. It is not advisable for daily use in jobs that require you to use your hands.

The other disadvantage is that, when too many small diamonds encrust the ring, it over shadows the center diamond and may detract from the overall beauty. So the designer must know how to balance the style and design of the ring to make it more glamorous and be of good quality.

Tips on how to take care of your micro pave engagement ring:

  • Don’t use it daily. If you use it daily, try to inspect it regularly for loose stones of the ring.
  • Don’t use it when you do chores like cleaning in your home.
  • When you play sports like badminton, swimming, golf, etc. don’t wear it.
  • If your work will jeopardize your micro pave engagement ring, don’t wear it.
  • They need a tender loving care.

It is a very unique kind of ring aside from being delicate. It needs extra care to last a long time or even forever because of the small or extra small diamonds which surround the ring surface.

The small diamonds that will be used on a micro pave engagement ring should be glitter uniformly so that it will enhance the eyes of the buyer. If you find some missing small diamonds in your ring, have it repaired immediately.

Before choosing a micro pave engagement ring, you should know the disadvantages. You have to think it over, is it advisable to have that kind of engagement ring? Buying an engagement is not like buying any kind of other thing. You should see to it that it will last forever.

perfect engagement ring

Source by Ian E. Wright

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