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To some, designers and names are very important when choosing a formal dress. To others, it does not mean a thing. Either way, it is important to choose a dress for that special occasion that you feel gorgeous in – that feeling is priceless! There are many options out there and many designers have distinctive styles. Below if a brief review of some of the formal dress designers that are out there.

Atelier Alyce

This collection is very mature. The prints on these dresses are very unique and the styles are very “grown up” with plunging necklines. You are guaranteed to be in the spotlight at whatever even you wear one of these dresses to.


The Dalia line of formal dresses is very feminine with flowy dresses, lace, and gorgeous color combinations. These dresses are a good combination of classic femininity and modern style. Most of these dresses have very delicate, thin straps.

Do You Love Me?

I call this the Disney Princess dress line. If you want to wear elbow length gloves and a tiara, these dresses will go great with them!

Hannah S

These dresses are a bit more casual. Only above-knee dresses are available in this line. These dresses would be appropriate for many events besides prom. combinations


These formal dresses have some very unique tops that are sure to stand out. The styles of these straps and tops are definitely one of a kind and sure to stand out at any event.

Alyce Designs

This line of dresses, specifically the prom dress line, is extremely diverse. The collection is very large and the styles range from a classic prom look to a trendy punk look. Additionally, the color choices available are enormous.

Cassandra Stone

There are styles of these dresses for every personality and body type. Cassandra has an entire prom line dedicated to Plus Size. You can get a traditional prom dress, or an American Flag sequined mini-dress – whatever floats your boat!


These dresses do not do anything for me. They seem to be a little overpriced and underwhelming on style. It’s a weird combination of pretty and sexy that just does not seem to go together.


Interlude offers a very large formal dress line. Just about every style is covered from sexy to traditional, from formal to more casual. While the styles are unique, you are paying for them with high prices.

Air Prom by Victoria

These dresses have a very Latin feel to them. Many of the options have large, poofy skirts. The dresses without a poofy skirt are skin tight and metallic. These make for great dancing dresses! However, you have to have a sizzling personality to pull them off.

BG Haute

If you are a hot party girl who wants to stand out, then buy your formal dress from the BG Haute collection. These styles are funky, fresh, and fashion forward. However, they must be worn with a confident and bold attitude!

trendy wedding jewellery

Source by Michelle Louis

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