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Some pundits believe that the irresistible luminous gemstone, Pearls are symbolic and God's gift to nature! These lustrous gemstones are formed, over the years, when an oyster ingests a single particle of sand. A gleaming beauty, pearl is associated with virtue, purity and serenity. These properties have endowed the gemstones an endearing quality. Pearls are classified as natural or cultured. The former type is extremely rare and expensive. Previously, natural pearls were found in different corners of the world. However, the current domain of natural pearls is confined around the coast of Bahrain and off the Australian Indian ocean coast.

Some famous types that are collectors' items are La Peregrina, Imperial Hong Kong Pearl, The Pearl of Asia and Abernethy Pearl. These are celebration items and are revered for their enormous size, perfection, color and symmetry. Traditionally, these natural pieces were believed to bring good fortune and good health. Moreover, many have faith in the medicinal properties of natural pearls: they believe that the gems ensure sound sleep, cure heart disease and soothe the mind.

The cultured pearls are manmade and developed under human intervention. Fortunately, this has made pearls affordable to all. The man-made pearls are sophisticated and can be purchased in bolder colors of mauve, peach, dark pink and numerous other shades. The synthetic pearls, however, lack the luminosity of natural pearls and the product quality varies between different manufacturers. The cultured pearls are available in various sizes and shapes, allowing flexibility to designers.

With availability from retail outlets and online stores, fashion designers are able to create exclusive jewelry sets. Among these, pearl necklaces are the most desired ornament. They can gracefully adorn youngsters as well as the elderly. The elegant chokers exuding maturity fittingly adorn elderly women. In contrast, the current trend indicates that young people prefer vibrant shades of pearl, longer necklaces, pearl encrusted bangles and lariats.

The simple yet stylish strands of man-made pearls add life to any ensemble. Though countries like China and Japan are the primary manufacturers of cultured pearls, these are also manufactured in India (Hyderabad), Australia and Myanmar. The superior grade man-made pearls is priced on the basis of shape, luster and surface finish. It varies between USD $ 10 per gram to $ 25 per gram. The lesser grade of pearls is popularly used in strands of pearl necklaces. However, they have an apparent rougher texture and uneven surface.

In ancient times, pearls were embellished in garments and showcased in luminous jewelry sets like chokers, drop earrings, bracelets and pearl strands. The delicate natural pearls need good maintenance as they chip easily. Experts advise that they should be wrapped in soft cloth or tissue paper and stored separately from other ornamental gemstones to retain their luster and iridescence. The priceless and such luminous pearls have a timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion.

silver manufacturers in india

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