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One of the finest gemstones on earth, diamonds pale in comparison to a choice selection of pink sapphire engagement rings. Your bride will be speechless when she sees the dazzling engagement ring you have picked out for her. [Except to cry YES!] Choose an engagement ring to fit your fiancé’s personality and announce to the world your bond as a couple. Pink sapphires range in color from a pale, almost nude, pink to a bright hot pink.

Chances are the love of your life adores pink and has been surrounded with the color in her bedroom, dreaming of you and a fairytale wedding. Wow, that can be a lot of pressure! Do not feel you have to make this decision alone, and enlist advice from your girlfriend’s family and friends. They are certain to be tickled pink being included!

The traditional cost of an engagement ring is said to equal to two-month’ salary. There has been a trend in colorful pink and green theme weddings. This is a perfect blend of classic feminine and masculine colors. It is only natural for a pretty girl to ‘be in the pink’.

The sapphire is linked most often to qualities of loyalty, faithfulness and honesty. This is why it is a chosen favorite for engagement rings. The sapphire received immense popularity when Prince Charles presented Lady Diana with an oval sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds for their engagement. There is a legend that the Ten Commandments are believed to have been made of sapphire.

Pink Sapphires are offered in round, or oval shapes; rectangular and square cuts are also available. Sapphires are quite hard, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, with the diamond being the only gem that is harder. Synthetic sapphires were first created in 1902, and it is hard to tell them from natural sapphires except by the trained eye. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and in the same gem family as the ruby.

The popular star sapphire, called so because of the appearance of a sparkle in its center, has historically been thought of as a love charm throughout many cultures. Helen of Troy attributed her battle conquests to a star sapphire she owned. The bands of light across the stone that created the star like appearance are said to represent destiny and hope. The rare pink sapphires are most found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Sapphires are said to have given wisdom and afforded protection to generations of Kings. In ancient times, priests often used the sapphire in order to help them to predict the future. In the Bible, the sapphire was one of twelve stones given to Moses to place in the breastplate of Aaron. Sapphires were also placed in the foundation of the walls of Jerusalem.

Sapphires are a durable gem, and easy to care for, which do not scratch or crack easily. Their value depends on color, transparency, and size. Sapphires have with a rich history and unusually long life expectancy.

Sapphire is given for the 5th, 23rd, and 45th wedding anniversaries. The Star Sapphire is often gifted on the 65th anniversary. Your new wife will cherish her ring, and pass it down for many generations to come! Congratulations, Prince Charming, your captivating Princess awaits you, and that stunning pink sapphire engagement ring!

perfect engagement ring

Source by Julie Shields

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