how to clean jewelry silver
You want a ring that shines, right? Polished titanium rings have that gloss, that shine, that high reflection that you are looking for. But will it last? Or will you need to take drastic steps to ensure that your ring remains as highly polished as the day you first slipped it on your finger? Fear not – the polished look on your ring should last you a very long time. But titanium is far from the only high-shine metal. So why would you select a shiny titanium ring over any other metal choice?

Gold is the usual choice for a shiny piece of jewellery. Bright and highly reflective when properly polished, gold is what most people will reach for when they want to get a new piece of jewellery. But there is one major flaw with gold that makes it a less than ideal choice for someone who wants a shiny bauble on their finger. Gold, as far as metals go, is very soft. Small impacts that you normally would not consider damaging can, and will leave marks, dents and damage on the surface of your gold ring, diminishing its shine and good shape.

Silver is another standard choice for people who want to see their own reflection in their rings. Silver is used for decorative items that need to shine, and was used in the past as a backing on mirrors. But silver has a setback in that it is easily tarnished. Once tarnish sets in, it is notoriously difficult to clean, and silver jewellery will require constant and consistent care to keep it looking its best.

White gold is another popular choice, especially among those who want the value of gold, but not the bright golden color. White gold can be prepared to have a high gloss shine, but it is not the white gold itself that reflects so well. Rhodium plating is added over white gold to protect it and enhance it; without this coating, white gold does not shine nearly as bright. Sadly, that rhodium coating is susceptible to wear, and items of white gold jewellery need to be re-plated on a regular basis – usually about once a year. This is a costly and time consuming option.

A polished titanium ring suffers none of these faults, but does not sacrifice in the area of brightness and reflectivity. Titanium is a very hard and strong metal, which will suffer little of the damage that gold is afflicted by. It is also resistant to tarnishing or blemishes, so it does not need the constant cleaning of silver. And titanium is not coated, which means no regular maintenance like white gold. For high shine that will last, titanium really is your best bet.

how to clean jewelry silver

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