perfect engagement ring for me
Jewelry of every possible kind manages to impress women but there are certain pieces that they are especially attached to. An engagement ring definitely deserves mention right at the top of the list here. After all this is one piece of jewelry that not only binds two people in love but it also marks the beginning of a new life together. The tradition of giving this very special and significant piece is pretty old and we continue till date to continue this legacy. No matter what style or design this is something that is always cherished by any woman.

The men of course have a huge responsibility of selecting the perfect and most beautiful piece that will sweep the lady off her feet. So if you are stuck in a similar situation and wish to profess your love to the woman you’ve lost your heart to with a ring that’s awesome then this is a must read for you. If she loves vibrant colors and is especially fond of gemstones then a ring that flaunts a lovely stone is just what you need. Now if you get confused again about which stone to pick then let me suggest one that is beautiful beyond words and timeless in its appeal and that is none other than the stunning sapphire.

Not only is this stone unique in its loveliness but it also has many wonderful qualities that sets it apart from the others in the family. There is nothing to equal the sheer splendor of sapphire engagement rings and trust me it is also a sure way of winning your lady’s heart for no woman can resist the absolute allure of this gorgeous piece. The best thing is that there are so many different styles and designs that exist in this category that you will surely find something that is just right. Before you start looking you need to find out about your lady’s taste and preference in jewelry so that you can select something accordingly.

Always remember women are very particular about what they wear especially the jewels and the one we’re talking about is very special to her and therefore should be in sync with what she likes. If she enjoys blue sapphires then pick a piece that flaunts this intense colored beauty but if she adores the feminine pink then a gem in this hue would make her happy. From solitaires, clusters, three and five stone rings to eternity bands and antique looking ones you will find every possible variety that looks even more magnificent due to the eternally beautiful stones they bear.

If your sweetheart adores diamonds then you can opt for a sapphire and diamond engagement ring where both stones share their mutual color and shimmer and create an effect that is breathtaking. Whether the sparkling diamonds form a brilliant rim around the colored beauty, keep it company as side stones or adorn the shanks; they definitely add a whole new dimension to the piece. However don’t be mislead into thinking that pieces that flaunt sapphires alone are any less glamorous for the stone itself is an attention seeker that commands every bit of the adulation that is lavished on it.

Sometimes the stark elegance of a solitaire is very impressive and some women love this particular look but you can pick a piece that has unique looking shanks that will take her breath away. The best thing about a sapphire engagement ring is that the stone stands for love, honesty and trust and is therefore the ideal choice that perfectly reflects the feelings you have for her.

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by Jennifer Citrine

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