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When you’re spending a fortune on a watch, it’s not just a watch. It becomes an investment piece, a memento, an expenditure that may break the bank but will be worth it in the end. Plunking down a heft load of cash for a timepiece means you want to make it’ll stand up to the elements – and pass the test of time. No one wants their beautiful Breitling watch to lose its sheen or stop operating within a few years time. If you take good care of your watch, it’s sure to end up lasting years and years, so you can pass it on to your son at his college graduation, looking just as good as the day you first bought it.

Here’s the thing with watches. Though small, they’re exceptionally complicated and well though out – they’re like teeny tiny machines, which means that they must be cleaned thoughtfully and carefully. A watch is an object of beauty, and should be treated as such. Generally, standard watch maintenance includes safeguarding the movement, protecting the watch from water damage or breakage, and cleaning the case and the band to help it stay in tiptop shape. If you’re caring for a watch with manual mechanical movement, you’ve got a bit less to worry about. You’ll want to ensure that you wind the watch at least once a day, at the same time each day, and stop winding it as soon as you feel a bit of resistance. This helps to keep the spring at maximum tension. Watches with automatic movement are even easier – they need only be wound once every two weeks, especially if you wear them daily (which most of us do).

The watches that require the most care are the ones with quartz movements, and not unluckily for you, Breitling watches fall into this category. Watches with quartz movement generally require that you remove worn out batteries every few years, replacing them with new ones, in order to ensure that your watch stays in full operating condition. Perhaps more importantly, however, whenever you wear your Breitling watch, you’re going to want to avoid equipment that create a strong magnetic field, as well as extreme temperatures. What does this mean? It means you’ll want to remove your watch before you walk through the metal detector at the airport, and that you’ll want to take it off before you dive into the pool or hop into the shower. Hot tubs and saunas are also no fine place for your Breitling, as they can screw with the movement and mess with the casing. Think of your watch as something delicate – it can handle day to day wear, but you want to treat it well – and you should want to! You spent enough money on it, after all.

Many luxury watchmakers, including Breitling, advise that you send your watch in for a complete movement overhaul every five years in order to keep your watch performing in the best condition. In most cases, this requires taking your timepiece to an authorized dealer. While this might cost a bit of money, it’s the best way to keep your Breitling watch in prime operating condition, and it’s worth it, considering the investment you made in purchasing the watch itself.

One last thing to remember: your Breitling watch isn’t made for regular water usage. Your watch doesn’t want to go swimming. Make sure you check your watch for water resistance, as some watches are meant for water wear, while others aren’t. Should you ever see bubbles of water under the surface of your watch face, take it to a professional immediately. When it comes to day to day care, clean your watch every so often with a soft cloth – the ones that come in jewelry cleaning kits are advisable. Anything rougher may scratch the surface of your watch, especially the crystal face, which is easily scratched.

So, ready to find your perfect Breitling? Breitling’s known for their beautiful, dazzling designs, with Swiss Automatic movement. With stainless steel cases and matching linked bracelets, most Breitling watches feature unidirectional rotating bezels studded with diamonds for extra sheen. Gentlemen, you know what they say…diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Get your lady a Breitling and you’re off the hook, at least for a little while. Ladies, remember that your Breitling watch is an investment piece, so treat it with respect. Whether you clean and care for your Breitling watch yourself, or pay a little extra to have the professionals take care of things, a Breitling watch that’s been paid proper attention is sure to outlast one that hasn’t. If you’re willing to spend a fortune on a great watch, you should be willing to take care of it as well. What are you waiting for? Get out that cleaning cloth!

how to clean jewelry gold

Source by Danielle Pitman

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