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Many people who get a tongue ring eventually come to regret it. While you may have had a few enjoyable years with your piercing, you could be entering a professional field or have simply grown out of it. Whatever the case may be, unlike a tattoo or other body piercings, it is incredibly easy to reverse.

Before you commit to letting your piercing grow back in, evaluate the reasons behind it. You certainly don’t want to grow it back in and a few months later change your mind. If you are doing it solely to please an employer, there are ways around it without having to completely remove your piercing.

As you might be aware, the piercing hole close very quickly without a tongue ring in place. You can purchase a clear retainer to keep in there while at work. They typically are a plastic piece of clear jewelry that is difficult for others to see. As long as you keep your speech clear, no one should notice you have it in.

If you still serious about removing the piercing and allowing things to grown back in, that is simple enough. Remove your tongue ring and make sure to keep the hole clear of food and clean. It is always a good idea to use mouthwash often to ensure the hole heals well. The hole will begin closing right away. After about a day, you may not be able to put your piercing back in. The healing time is usually dependent on how long you have had your tongue pierced. It may be totally healed after a few weeks to a month, depending upon your situation. Be sure to monitor it to make sure things are healing properly and there is no infection. There could be some scar tissue where the piercing once was, which is totally normal.

how to clean jewelry silver

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