how to clean jewelry silver with baking soda
Fashion jewelry is the latest trend especially with silver jewelry and there are some remedies that are innovative, interesting and easy that it ensures the maintenance, cleaning and storing. The value of silver and the jewelry that is stone embellished is a must to know so that your festive season does not appear dull.

Clean the yellow-brown tinge:

Vinegar : Take white vinegar half cup and add baking soda 2 tablespoon into a pan, shrug the vinegar and baking soda four or five times and mix these using a spoon and there will be bubbles appearing. Place the jewelry inside the solution and let it stay for 2 to 3 hours. Remove the jewelry from it and wash it under running water so that the baking soda and the vinegar residue are washed away. Dry the jewelry using clean and soft cloth and store in a clean pouch.

Beer : Your silver jewelry can get its lost shine. You can pour beer a bit on a soft cloth and gently rub the silver jewelry and pat it dry using a towel or clean cloth.

Club soda : soak silver jewelry and stone studded jewelry in club soda and ensure the bright sheen. You can place them in club soda full glass and leave it overnight. In the morning, air dry and store in a pouch to eliminate dust.

Vodka: Vodka, few drops can clean silver of any kind and also the stone-studded jewelry. The right way is to immerse into the vodka a napkin and to wipe away the grime settled on your jewels or drench your silver earrings or ring for a few minutes and ensure they are sparkling again.

Aluminum foil : Take a small bowl and place aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Mix bleach-free powder laundry detergent one tablespoon and put the jewelry in that solution for a minute so that it soaks. This chemical process procedure is referred to as ion exchange that helps to clean the ornaments surfaces. Once cleaned, rinse, air dry and store it in a dry clean pouch so that it is ready to wear.

Ammonia solution : This also cleans the silver and removes tarnish. Make a solution of ammonia in 1-2 tablespoons, liquid dishwasher 1 teaspoon and mix altogether with 1/4 cup of water. Dip a swab of cotton or take a toothbrush with soft bristles and clean the jewelry surface gently. In case the tarnish is too stubborn, dip the silver jewels in the same solution and it will come off easily.

Storing your silver jewelry:

  • Silver jewelry should be kept separate from other metals and also should not be left in the open.
  • Purchase anti-tarnish pads and let your jewelry box line the base with those pads.
  • Pack your silver trinkets tightly and store in a zippered plastic bag. This prevents jewelry from causing scratches and they stay in good condition.
  • Let the perfumes and body lotions applied on your body dry completely and then add the silver jewelry so that there is no reaction of the alloys and copper present in silver.

how to clean jewelry silver with baking soda

Source by Karen K Williams

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