how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda
Silver is simply stunning. Silver jewelry is the ultimate in elegance and grace. Nearly every woman loves and owns a piece of this shimmering metal. But in order to keep your silver looking good, you need to take time to maintain them. Here are a few guidelines on how to keep them in sparkling condition.

Preventing tarnish:

As the popular saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’, even when it involves preventing tarnish on your exquisite silver earrings, silver pendants, silver necklaces, silver rings and other fine pieces of silver jewelry. In order to keep your jewelry looking lustrous, avoid bringing them in contact with perfumes, hair spray, lotions and similar cosmetic products. The chemicals in these products may ruin their shine. Try not to stain your silver pieces with food and drink. In case your silver jewelry gets stained, rinse immediately with water and a mild soap in order to curtail the damage.

Cleaning silver jewelry:

Use a soft polishing cloth to clean pieces that you most often wear. This way, you can remove dirt and oils that may have stained your jewelry. Clean often to keep your jewelry shining at all times. For a more thorough cleaning, you can opt for a chemically-treated polishing cloth, that’s readily available with most jewelers.

To remove stains and bring back lost luster, you can sprinkle a little baking soda on your silver rings or silver pendants, wipe with a dry soft, followed by a wet cloth. Use chemical cleaners only if absolutely necessary as repeated usage may lead to discoloration. While cleaning silver, avoid cleaning gemstones with chemicals, as they tend to become dull and cloudy.

Storing silver jewelry:

Always store silver jewelry in a sealed plastic or cloth bag. This way you minimize damage caused by routine exposure to oxygen and humidity. Care must be taken to store delicate silver jewels in such a way that the shape of the jewelry remains intact and the gemstones are not damaged.

how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda

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