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There are two main silver charm bracelets: Italian charm bracelets and European charm and bead bracelets. Both types of silver bracelet permit the unrestricted combination of sterling silver charms and beads, but they differ in the fundamental design of the way the charms are attached to the underlying bracelet.

What differentiates an Italian charm bracelet is that Italian charms snap into place on the bracelet frame. The simplified European charm and bead bracelet threads through the charms much like the traditional stringing of pearls. Sterling silver charms on European charm bracelets are attached depending on the charm design: they can be threaded, with the chain running through the center of the charm, or the charm can dangle down.

For the majority, the European silver charm and bead bracelet makes more purchasing sense due to its simplicity, easy to clean maintenance, widespread availability and massive selection of sterling silver charms and beads.

How To Make Charm Bracelets

European charm and bead bracelets are made up of two main components: the silver chain with the clasp, and the beads and silver charms that are added onto the chain. The charms can be gold, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal beads, Murano glass beads and virtually almost any gem type desired.

The underlying silver chains on European charm bracelets are very simple and end with a clasp, which will attach the two ends together. A silver charm bracelet chain is differentiated from a silver charm necklace chain by length.

Charm Chain Lengths

Charm chain lengths are calculated from one end to the other including the clasp that will attach both ends together. To find the right length of sterling silver charm chain for your wrist we suggest you take a piece of string wrap it around your wrist then measure that string against a ruler. Once you have this measurement add one inch (2.5 cm) to that and you have your correct bracelet length.

Charm Chain Lengths

If it is for a child of thirteen, or under, add three-quarters of an inch (1.9 cm.) The following guides are the basic lengths available with the extra inch of the clasp already included. All measurements below appear in inches before the same measurement in centimeters in the bracket next to it.

Charm Chain Lengths For A Girls Bracelet

Four to Five Years Old – 5 and ¾ (14.6 cm.)

Six to Seven Years Old – 6 (15.2 cm.)

Eight to Nine Years Old – 6 ¼ (15.9 cm.)

Ten to Eleven Years Old – 6 ½ ( 16.5 cm.)

Twelve to Thirteen Years Old- 6 ¾ (17.1 cm.)

Charm Chain Lengths For A Womans Bracelet

Petite to Average Bracelet Size with Small Bone Structure – 7 (17.8 cm.)

Average Bracelet Size with Bone Structure – 7 ¼ (18.4 cm.)

Extended Average Charm And Bead Bracelet Size with Above Average Bone Structure – 7 ½ (19.1 cm.)

Large Bracelet Size with Large Bone Structure – 7 ¾ (19.7 cm.)

Extra-Large Bracelet Size with Extra Large Bone Structure – 8 to 9 (20.3 cm. to 22.9 cm.)

Charm Chain Lengths For A Womans Necklace

Collar Necklace – 12 to 13 (30.5 cm. to 33 cm.) fits closely around the neck.

Choker Necklace – 14 to 16 (35.6 cm. to 40.6 cm.) sits around the base of the neck.

Princess Necklace – 17 to 19 (43.2 48.3 cm.) for high and low necklines.

Sterling silver charm bracelets are more than just jewelry accessories they are also extensions of the personality, and in that way a silver bead bracelet complete with favorite symbols will give constant positive thoughts to uplift the spirit. Read the first part to this guide for all ideas on materials, themes, shapes and sizes in sterling silver charms with which you can adorn your bracelets and chains.

how to clean jewelry silver

Source by David-John Turner

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