how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda
Now that you have brought your sterling silver pendant from a reliable store and you have used it yesterday for a party and grabbed the attention of your friends and relatives due to its beauty. Yesterday, after returning from the party, you have noticed that there is some tarnish in it and now, you might be wondering how to clean it? Here, it is important that you should select the right cleansing products and tools for clearing dirt out of it since cleaning agents with some harsh chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, etc … can create harm to your favorite piece of jewelry.

You can start the process of cleaning it with some mild cleansing agents. Better opt for some silver cleansers from your local market, but if the tarnish coating is light, a few drops of liquid detergent or some baking soda diluted in water can work well. Generally, you might have heard that tooth paste can be used for cleaning silver jewelries, but it is better not to do so since it can be too abrasive to cause some scratch on the jewelry.

If the tarnish coating is heavy, you can opt for silver paste cleaner to get your pendant back into its attractive appearance. Just apply some silver cleaning paste to the jewelry and allow it to dry for some minutes. Make use of some soft cloth for gently removing the paste, here it is better to avoid applying the cleaning paste to the stones if any present your pendant since the chemicals present in the paste can harm them. Once the cleaning is done, your jewelry should get back its older shine without any tarnish.

Other cleaning option available is making use of silver spray polish that can be found in your local market. Like the paste, this spray polish should be applied to the sterling silver pendant and once it gets dried, the dirt should be removed with some soft cloth.

Another cleaning option available is usage of ultrasonic cleaners, but this method would be suitable if there are no gemstones on the pendant. If this method is applied to pendants with stones, you will sure be causing some damage to the stones. Therefore, for pendants with stones, it is better to make use of some manual cleaning process.

With the popularity of sterling silver, many jewelry pieces made out of this material is being sold by some of the best online stores these days.

how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda

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