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Tips to Care for Your Jeweler
What do you do with your pearl jewelry when you take it off? Do you know the proper storage steps to take? Part of taking care of pearls is knowing how and where to store them. When sea gems are cared for properly it shows.

In the care for pearls your precious sea gems should never just be toss into your jewelry box. Take care and always separate them from other items to prevent them from being scratched.

Instead, purchase and use one of the following to wrap and store your pearl necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings in. Your local jeweler will be a good helpful source for some of these:

-a soft cloth jewelry pouch or bag

-a soft lined container

-a silk bag or velvet-lined box

-a soft cotton cloth

A string of pearls or pearls strands should be stored flat rather than hanging. Hanging can cause the thread to stretch out prematurely. You can buy a specialized folder for storing strings or strands. It is a satin-lined leatherette envelope designed with snaps to hold a string or strand of pearls in place.

When you are away from your home, taking care of pearl jewelry is most important. If you need to remove your sea gems when you are not at home remember to take your jewelry storage pouch with you. Do not just toss them into your purse. If you don’t have your pouch with you try to find something to wrap them in before you store them.

Cultured fresh water and salt water pearls contain small traces of water and when worn frequently retain their moisture by absorbing it from the air or from the wearer’s body. For this reason you should never store pearls in an airtight container or a plastic bag for an extended period of time because this gift from the sea needs moisture. Also know that some types of plastic will emit a chemical that will cause the surface of your spherical gems to deteriorate.

In the care of pearls it is inadvisable to store your pearl jewelry in a safe or safety deposit box for long periods of time. Most safe deposit vaults have ultra-dry atmospheric conditions that extend the life of paper documents. Leaving your pearls in such a dry environment over very long periods will cause this sea gem’s moisture to evaporate resulting in loss of luster, damage to the color and small fractures or cracking on the surface.

If you need to place your pearl necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings in a safety deposit box or in a hot environment find some way of applying humidity.

Exposing your precious gems to hot sun for too long would also cause drying to the nacre. Heat can turn this sea gem brown and dry them out causing the surface to crack. All of these tips also applies to the care of mother of pearl jewelry.

So remember, there’s no turning back the hands of time with these divine organic gems. A little attention in taking care with proper storage will make all the difference. It will help to insure this most perfect gift from the sea remains safe, keeping it’s lustrous qualities and lasting for generations to come.

perfect engagement ring box
Tips to Care for Your Jeweler

Source by Maureen McClements

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