how to clean jewelry gold and diamonds
A pink diamond ring, like most of the other rings that use colored diamonds, can be very beautiful and dear to the person who wears it. These pink diamonds are worth a closer look, as they are often considered one of the most expensive diamonds available in the market. These diamonds are pretty rare and only available in certain parts of the world.

Taking care of your ring may be an issue that needs a good look at. Not only is it important for you to clean the diamond properly, but you also need to do it without causing damage to the diamond (like scratches) or loosen up the setting of the diamond.

So let us go through some information on the best way to maintain your pink diamond studded rings!


The very first thing to note that you must store these rings away properly. Most of the buyers purchase diamond rings for occasional use. Such rings are not fit to withstand regular wear and tear. Now when you take your ring off after any specific occasion, you must think about storing it away properly.

Don’t leave it lying around on your desk, table or any other place. Not only can your diamond ring get stolen, but you may accidentally place something on it, or it may fall off the table. This will damage it, or it may be lost. The setting of the diamond may also get loosened without you noticing it. This may make the diamond fall off.

Use a soft cotton pouch or a cloth to store the ring, and then place it in the box it came in. make sure you put it away somewhere where it is going to be absolutely safe. You should never let it rub against anything hard so that scratches don’t develop on the diamond.


Don’t use just any cream or soap to clean your pink diamond. Don’t even go for the sprays and other solutions that are not specifically made to clean diamond rings.

This may result in the formation if an unwanted layer of sediments or a coating of chemicals on the pink diamond, even after you have tried to clean the diamond with utmost care.

If the chemical is too rough, it may eat into the diamond as well, and may actually cause scratches (even though this is rare as diamonds can withstand most chemicals, don’t take your chances with your expensive pink diamonds). Some of the chemicals may even damage the band.

For the best results, take your pink diamond ring to the jeweler and get expert advice on cleaning and maintenance to ensure your ring stays safe and looks great at all times.

how to clean jewelry gold and diamonds

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