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Lapel pins are collector’s items. They are either sold or distributed free to mark a significant event, an anniversary, or even a place. There are a few important questions that one must ask before buying a pin:

  1. What kind of customer service can one expect from a company that makes lapel pins? Customer service includes the amount of time the company would take to complete the order placed and deliver it to the organization concerned, the cost factor etc.

  2. What is the cost of the pins? The cost generally depends on the shape and size of the lapel pin, the manufacturing process and colors used, and the safety pin as also the packaging of each individual pin. While some makers charge die and set up costs, others may not.

  3. What is the best manufacturing process for my design? There are many manufacturing processes in the making of a lapel pin to choose from. The most popular processes are the Acid Etched Soft Enamel process and the Cloisonne process. It is necessary to consider taking professional help before selecting the best suitable manufacturing process.

  4. What should be the size and shape of the pin? The pins come in various standard shapes like circle, oval, square, triangle or rectangle to mention just a few. The pins can be shaped to display the symbol or logo of the organization as well. Usually they range in size from half an inch to one and a half inch.

  5. How do I decide the colors of the lapel pin? Some organizations and fraternities have their standard colors that can be used in the making of these pins. Even bright gold or silver ones would be eye catching.

  6. What are the things that I should consider while designing the pin? The design should include the theme, symbol or logo of the organization, colors to be used as well as the shape and size of the pin.

  7. What symbols or emblems should the lapel pin have? The symbol or emblem on a pin stands for a particular organization or a place or to commemorate a special event. These symbols have a special meaning in the pin.

  8. How many pins should I buy? The number of pins one should order again depends on a few factors like whether the pins are to be sold or distributed free of cost, how big the organization is, and in what time frame the lapel pins have to be distributed or sold. It is always better to buy a few pins and then order more if needed. Most pin manufacturers generally have a minimum number that they take an order for which is about one hundred.

  9. Does the company have an in-house designer? If the answer is yes, then one can be sure that he would get the professional help required to get good quality pins.

10. Will I get a mock-up or proof of my Lapel pin? Most manufacturers do provide this facility to the customer as it is very important to ensure total customer satisfaction.

silver manufacturers in india

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